Altech Netstarunable to register for online app because tracker is "old"

To Whom It May Concern,

I requested assistance in registering for the cellphone app from Altech Netstar as the app would not accept my account number.

When requesting help from the client centre, I was informed "Your tracking unit is basic unit and old in order for to register you will need to upgrade the unit. for upgrade kindly contact retentions department ".

1. I pay my contract monthly - it is unacceptable that only some trackers can be registered on the app.
2. The message received is appalling. When dealing with consumers/customers, one is as professional as possible and I barely understand what the writer is trying to say.
3. I asked for assistance in registering on the app, yet Mr David Maluleke sent me an account fitment certificate. Therefor not assisting with the requirement.

Kind regards,

Jan 19, 2017

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