Altech Netstaroutbound call centers based in garages and residential properties-no due diligence done whatsoever

It seems that 1 of SA's largest tracking company Altech Netstar employs the services of any outsoured call center to conduct their business. There is zero due diligence done. No proper security checks are done on these call centers. I have solid evidence that some of these call centers have staff members who have been dismissed by previous employers for fraud. Some of them are operating from garages of houses and even worst, from houses in residential areas. Customers information is available to any of their outsourced call centers to conduct fraudulent activities. There are no proper data security systems in place with these make shift outbound call centers. It seems that Netstar is more interested in sales than protecting their clients. What's even more frightening is that no police clearance are done on theses little doggy call centers owners and staff together with previous employer/s references. If i am apart of a vehicle hijacking and theft syndicate, I could open an Altech Netstar call center as it's so easy to do so as theirs NO due diligence. They give you access to all their fitment centers and internal systems. It's shocking that a company who is suppose to protect you and your family against crimes within the motor vehicle industry can align themselves with such partners. When I enquired and informed them, absolutely nobody got back to me to date so I took it upon myself to conduct my own investigations and my findings were absolutely shocking. Now this is 1 of SA's largest and leaders within the vehicle tracking industry. Now I understand why there's so many clients who are complaining of being debited by Altech Netstar even after they cancelled their services with Altech Netstar. These scrupulous call centers are definately the reason why. There's even 1 owner of a call center who once worked for an outsourced call center of Altech Netstar that was terminated due to fraud, but guess what, the same guy now owns an outsoured call center doing work for Altech Netstar. These scrupulous call centers have zero credentials to operate as a call center. We were told that Altech Netstars FD does due diligence on every outsourced call center, I think Altech Netstars executive board needs to investigate what due diligence was done. All these outsourced call centers are based in Durban. Everything stated above is the truth and we are willing to provide solid evidence regarding all statements made against these scrupulous outsourced call centers. We will even provide the directors of Altech Netstar this evidence. We even suspect that the owner of their outsourced call center who was involved in fraud a few years ago is a silent partner in 1 of these call centers as his ex executive manager now owns an Altech Netstar fitment center. I would like to see the comments of Altech Netstar directors as we have solid evidence! We willing to make this evidence available to the public and any existing client of Altech Netstar. Its extremely important that you do your due diligence of the tracking company you chose as it's quiet apparent that Altech Netstar does no diligence regarding the partners they align themselves with. We have done this investigation at our cost and we have no alliance or relationship with any tracking company in SA, nor do we have any financial gain in reporting this to the complaints board, neither is it our intention to bring disrespute to any company, we are merely stating the facts of our investigation.

May 04, 2017

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