Altech Netstar / No service

South Africa
Contact information:
Phone: 0798865269 / 0798865291

It all started when we got a call from the call center and they wanted to upgrade the units in both our cars. They did not make mention of additional charges. If they did, we would have not upgraded as there was nothing wrong with our current units and also financially we could not afford it. At the end of the month they deducted an amount of r 800 and some change. When we called the center, they were unable to assist us and they were going to call us back, which never happened. Spoke to jacquline in accounts, spoke to manager ramo maharaj, spoke to chantal, manager of customer service, spoke to the consultants, and it is now almost 2 months and nobody has gotten back to us. They insisted that they mentioned the additional cost, but they cannot find and telephone recordings of the conversation. We even sent e-mails to their service center time and time again requesting for somebody from the cancellation department to contact us, and still nothing has happened.

This is so frustrating . I would like this contract to be cancelled with immediate effect, as we are not willing to do business with a company that cannot assist and sort out my queries. But they continue to take our money.

Raakhee naicker

Apr 25, 2014

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