Altech Netstarcharged for a unit which is not in the vehicle

A Nov 24, 2017

Good Morning, I have recently installed a tracking device in my vehicle and about two weeks ago i noticed that my app was not locating my vehicle. I made numerous calls to Altech Netstar call center, emergency center and fitment center. Finally on the 17/11/2017 a technician was sent out. He had confirmed that the cables to my tracking unit had been cut and he would log a request for another technician to come out and fix the problem. Monday the 20/11/2017 i had called the center again to be told that the technician has provided feedback of the unit itself been ''missing'' from the vehicle. What exactly is the purpose of Netstar if and when someone is tampering with my vehicle and disconnecting the unit if they are unable to pick it up. I was unable to locate my vehicle and constantly been told we sending signal to the unit. Check in two hours, now a new excuse is mam, your vehicle was involved in an accident so you need to purchase a new unit R1600. Before you installed the unit, did the techs not notice the vehicle damage? You notice it now? I now wish to cancel my contract with Netstar and speak to a manager but as always i am going through useless agents. Its such pathetic service! Charge me a premium for a tracker that was not in the car? Its exactly two weeks, i have made calls at my expense and still no feedback what so ever!!! FRUSTRATED CUSTOMER!!!

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