Altech Netstarblacklisted due to their incompetence!

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In 2015 i called netstar to inform them that i will be trading in my car and would either want the device de-activated or put into my new car . The lady that i spoke to advised me that they do not deactivate however i should let them know a week in advance before trading in my car so that they can have the device removed, which i did and was told that i would be called for arrangements to have the device removed ( this did not happen )

Thereafter debit orders kept running monthly and i continuously had to reverse them as at that time i felt i was no longer liable for the monthy premiums .

I had debt collectors calling me non stop and i had to explain the reason why i would not pay for the defaults, it was quite frustrating because i was forced to explain myself over and over again and this was due to a consultant that probably didnt do their job properly .

My debt with Netstar kept accumilating until such a point that they listed me to say that i am a bad payer and held me liable to pay R10 000 to clear my name .

At this point i am still puzzled as to why i would be listed under the red tape for a mess that was not initially started by me . Heaven knows how long i will be listed for to have my name cleared as i am honestly not prepared to begin paying for this debt .

May 03, 2017
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  • Si
      May 24, 2017

    In 2015 I took Oakhurst insurence and i was told that it comes as a sort of a combo or package that includes Alter Netstar trackor in it. Nothing was explained to me thouroughly as i think it should have and i never dealt with anyone from Alter Netstar except the people from ther insurence campany. Only when i terminated the contract with the insurence, I got a call from Netstar informing that i took a 3 year contract with them and if i terminate with them too, there will be a charge/ certain amount i have to pay. Fair enough, i paid their money and only to find out that they handed me over to itc. First of all it was never explained to me the part of the trackor as a seperate thing and secondly im being handed over, not only that, after i have paid the money and settled it, Alter Netstar company is playing hide and seek, they dont want to update my profile from the itc and sending me the paid up letter, i dont know how many time i have called requesting assistnce in this regard, I spoke to a lady called Abeeda Titus whom she referred me to a guy called Mohammed (legal dept) whose never in the office. Eventually when i found him He, Mohammed told me i shouldnt be talking to him, now how is it that its not up to him yet i was told by Abeeda that he is at the legal department in the company??. i have been having this problem with this company and i regret the day i took Oakhurst insur that brought me this problem. If anyone would assist me to get my naam cleared without the help of Mohammed Abeeda or anyone on this company i would really appreciate. I need to get on with my life and make applications for finance.

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