Almay / almay smart shade concealer light 010

Blaine, WA, United States
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The last 3 times I have bought this product, it has been defective. The first one I had to exchange had no tint in it at all. The second one was fine for the first few applications, then started leaking dark fluid along with the concealer everytime I went to apply it. You could hear liquid sloshing around when you shook the tube. It was clearly not mixed well in manufacturing. I just picked up another tube, and again, its not tinted, it is bright white. There is no "liquid" sound when I shake it, so I think it is just not tinted all the way through. This is very frustrating, I don't have time to continually go back to exchange your products. They don't have the same lot numbers, so something must be going on in manufacturing with multiple batches. The lot number on this most recent purchase is 16315 2.

May 27, 2017

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