Allstate Insurance Companyhave not received settlement

I have tried everything to get my claim resolved, On April 24, 2018 your insured hit me in the back on the freeway. My Lexus was clearly totaled and I still owe 1, 300 to my loan company. On top of that, I was hurt so i took off work for 3 weeks. My dr released me back to work on 5/21. By 5/23, I sent you all everything you needed. As well as the chiropractor bill. I was told by the claims adjuster Sulema Salina stated it would take several days for the processor to finish. I called back a day later and was told the processor was complete. I tried to reach out to her and she didnt call back until that Saturday. She let me know that the processor left some bills out so it was returned. On top of that she said she would be out of the office for over a week. I called back to speak to her Supervisor (AJ Gonzales) and he let me know that i should have an answer back by the following Friday. I didnt hear back so i waited until Friday. Called him and he said i misunderstood he meeant next friday. Now its been over 2 weeks since theyve had all my bills and everything. I called Sulema yesterday and even left message with Supervisor but still no call back, I have reported her to the Department of Insurance because this is so unfair and not how people should get treated. I cant even ride on the freeway without getting anxiety. I am very upet and disappointed on how such a big company can treat people like this.

Jun 06, 2018

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