Allegiant Travel Company / Allegiant Air / at boarding, my daughter 17 was was called out...

My 17 year old was set to fly out Nov 22 2017 but her best friend was killed in a car crash involving a deer on Monday Nov 13 so we called to change the flight so she could attend the funeral Nov 18th. Well I paid 143 to make the changes on top of the initial purchase. At the gate as we waited to send her they called her name and said she could not travel. I said there is no way she can not travel and miss this final goodbye to her best friend. Rudely they said nothing can be done, mind you we only have a few minutes before departure. No help from the desk agents and my daughter is sobbing. I was in shock and pleading with the supervisor. She ignored us both and did not offer any other my final attempt with frustration asked her when is the next return flight and so they frantically called and threw me on the plane with my daughter as an escort after forking out 384 dollars more. Their story was she would not be allowed to fly by herself because of weather. A fellow passenger mom said she would take care of her. I was willing to sign a waiver if the end they got 800 out of me for the purpose of flying my daughter and taking advantage of a dire situation with having seconds to get on the aircraft. So I flew to the destination and at the same gate got back on the same aircraft and headed back home. Now we have to deal with them again to make sure what they have in mind for her return flight on Sunday after Tgiving. I feel mistreated and robbed. Planning to report to the higher authorities because that is inappropriate business practice. We fly this airline a lot and so angry at the way they treated us. This happened at Sanford Orlando Nov 18th Gate 9 boarding crew and supervisor. None of them offered any solution to my problem and did not have geographical knowledge either to make an attempt to fly to an alternate place.

Nov 19, 2017

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