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Allegiant Air / baggage

1 LAX HNL, United States

I arrived at 9:41pm on Friday May 22, 2015 to LAX. I patiently waited to retrieve two checked bags on carousel A. The luggage with my clothes came across the belt. My other bag did not arrive. I was only in LA for the Memorial Day Weekend for a Field Hockey Tournament with my Coed Team from Hawaii. The bag that did not arrive was my stick bag. It had three sticks and two shin guards in it; along with a mouth guard. These are all of the items that I needed to play in the tournament. As you can already assume; no, I did not play.

We spotted Sergio Garcia, who works for Allegiant, and asked him if it normally took this long to get bags off of our Allegiant flight (I am actually embarrassed to capitalize the 'A' in the name of the airline; it doesn't deserve to be a proper noun). Anyways, he told us that it did not normally take this long and that the baggage probably did not make it on the flight in some nonchalant attitude. He gave us every excuse in the book, including saying that it was oversized. Now, my teammates who had larger gear bags than I made it safely to LAX without any issues with baggage. There was no reason why mine should have been considered 'oversized' unless it was because that they flew with a different airline -- with that, I wouldn't be surprised.

Mr. Garcia then proceeded to explain to us that it was in a holding area in Honolulu and will be on the next flight tomorrow Saturday 23 May 2015. We asked what time would it arrive. He retorted that we could come back at 945pm (same time) to retrieve the luggage. Of course this meant that I would be sitting out for the first day of the tournament. I was frustrated, but I was glad that I was given direction and guidance to retrieve my luggage the following day. Mr. Garcia gave my a phone number to call: [protected] -- I later discovered that this was the 'duty phone' (which is a cellphone that sits in the office of Allegiant in LAX) -- More to come on that.

I painfully sat out on all the Saturday games, but I still went to support. I called the number that I was given multiple times. It never rang. It just gave me a busy signal -- I had complete cell service. Nevertheless, I knew that we would head to the airport around 9pm to retrieve my luggage later on that day.

At 723pm and 726pm, I missed two phone calls -- from personal cellphones. One from Amaya Mathis and one from Chrystal Micheau -- both who work directly for Allegiant. I didn't see the missed calls until 751pm and immediately called both numbers back after listening to the voicemails. It had only been 28 minutes. The voicemails both stated that my luggage did arrive and that they were closing soon. Unbeknownst to me, soon literally meant in 5 minutes from when they left the voicemails.

The first (Amaya) did not answer. Luckily Crystal answered. In hopes that I would hear some good news, I unexpectedly get told that they are no longer at work, the cage is locked up (with my bag inside), and I would not be able to get the gear until 630 am the next day (Sunday 24 May 2015 -- the last day of my tournament) I told one of them to call Mr. Garcia and leave him my number and to call me back. I am not sure if they did as I had asked, but I surely did not receive a call back. Amaya instructed me to call and text the duty phone because someone would be there until 9pm that night. I called again and it finally rang, but no one picked up…it was 847pm. As you can already assume, no I did not get to play in the next day of the tournament.

Obviously, there are a few things wrong here. I won't attempt to unnecessarily recap the last 24 hours -- I think you have been patient enough reading this -- but what I will do is express the one thing that grinds my gears the most: we were LIED to. Mr. Sergio Garcia is not capable of handling the position he is in if he cannot even give the correct hours of operation for his department. He led us on, gave me false hope and cost me money for the tournament that I did not get to play in.

I expect to be fully reimbursed for the expenses as follows:
California Cup Field Hockey Tournament: $141
USA Field Hockey Membership Fee: $10
Total Airfare for Allegiant: $401
Milage: 85 miles at $4 a gallon
Parking: $8

I will be sure to never use Allegiant again, and I will continue to share my experience with others in order to ensure that they make the right decision and choose a different airline.

UPDATE: Today, Sunday 24 May 2015 I received my bag. There were five people working the check in desk. YOU GUYS DONT EVEN HAVE AN OFFICE AT LAX. HOW PATHETIC. I was told to wait because Sergio, THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS THE KEY TO THE CAGE WHERE MY BAGS ARE AT was not working today. WHAT?!?!?! that was AFTER they had told me, the day before, to come in at 0630 to pick up my bag. WHAT IF I had come there at that time? NOBODY WOULD HAVE EVEN BEEN THERE TO HELP ME. Instead we took our sweet time and woke up at a decent hour to get there at 945am. And after they told me to step aside and that they will help me. I proceeded to give my testimony on the last 72 hours to everyone (like 7 people) waiting in line for this awful airline. SOMEHOW they miraculously found a key when I was told that Sergio was the only person with a key.

I expect to be completely reimbursed for my flight and the cost of my tournament fees. I will not stop until I do.

May 24, 2015

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