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All My Sons Moving & Storage / household goods held hostage

1 Princeton, TX, United States

We contracted with All My Sons Moving in May 2018 for a mid-June move. 'Richard' was the sales rep. We toured the home and detached buildings and he said one truck should do it. Well they showed-up 19 June around 9AM and moving process began. Around noon truck was halfway full and 'Andreus' (crew chief) remarked that, "We may need to make two trips." I replied, "Well let's see where we are in a couple of hours". At approx. 2PM I was told again that 2nd trip may be required and again I said "Let's wait and see". At approx. 4PM it was for sure truck was not big enough by approx. 1/4 and we still had many pieces of furniture and other goods upstairs.
I determined I would not pay for 2nd trip and immediately drove to Whitewright (five miles away) and picked-up a 10X6 U-Haul trailer. Upon arrival my wife had said she had talked to 'Richard' and he said his crew was still on the clock and would bring all the furniture down from upstairs. No problem, right?. As the crew was doing this, my wife and I started to move left-over HHG to trailer and we (wife and I) would load everything. During this process, 'Andreus' approached me and stated crew would load the trailer if I would pay them separately. We agreed on $150.00 and my wife went to ATM and withdrew $160.00 and gave whole amount to Andreus making payment of $40 to each member of crew.
At approximately 5:15 we all left to make our way to Princeton about 30 minutes away. When I arrived both moving truck and wife were present but there was no activity. Andreus approached me and stated, "We cannot start unloading truck until we get payment for outstanding balance." I said "no problem" since I knew we owed $1000 more. I took out my card and asked him "how much" and replied "$2, 016.00". I said, "No, it should be $1, 000". He tried to call 'Boss' and when he got 'Jim' on the line I spoke with Jim. He said, "Bubba, my crew was having to assist you with loading U-Haul trailer and we have to pay them (or words to that effect)". I verbally hoisted the BS flag and told Jim, "I paid these guys separately $160 to assist me and his reply, in so many words, were, "if you want truck unloaded you have to pay". I wanted to speak to our sales rep Richard but was told he was, "On the road with a 'load' to (somewhere) and would not be available for several hours. ( My wife called Richard several times and left voice mail and as of today, 22 June have not heard a word). I acquiesced, paid the SOB and work resumed.
After trailer was unloaded I left premises for trip back to home in Tom Bean for 2nd load and returned to Princeton around 8:30 PM. Unloaded HHG and made 3rd and subsequently round-trip to Tom Bean, returning to Princeton 11:30 PM.
In summary, All My Sons business model is based on deception, dishonesty, manipulation, and extortion. Richard knew he was under-estimating home inventory knowing full-well two trips and added charges would be required. Even the crew commented, "This happens all the time" and " ..we do not agree with how things are done" and "Richard is the worst Estimator". By the way, I will add, there is no way Richard was driving a load anywhere. He is Sales and not a worker. This company takes full advantage of families knowing full-well they will pay due to already burdensome high stress levels usually accompanying a move such as the one we just had. This company should be avoided at all costs. To contract with All My Sons is like signing a contract with the Mob or even worse, Satan himself. All My Sons management should be extremely ashamed of themselves for their behavior. I am sure 'management' will say, "We are extremely sympathetic to your plight and we will look into this issue and get back with you soon" or maybe I will not hear a word from them. For this to be going on at the 'deck-plate and mid-management level' is a direct reflection on all of upper-management and ownership.

Jun 22, 2018

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