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All My Son's Moving - Salt Lake City, Utah / Poor service!

1 United States

All my son's moving was hired by myself for a short distance move which would take a 15 minute drive from my storage unit to my new home. They were 2.5 hours late because the driver did not speak english and could not find his way around. I had to have him follow me everywhere so he wouldn't get lost. They sent a three man crew and they filled up the first "small" truck load and followed me to my new home. The men (who did not speak any english), began unloading my belongings. The driver was trying to get me to sign papers with a total amount due on it that was not in our original agreement. My mother who was paying by phone with a Visa card said she would prefer to pay for each load as it was delivered. That would ensure a fair payment on both behalves.

The driver called his dispatcher Jeff Scott who became enraged that we did not want to pay for the work before it was completed. In all of my personal experience I would put a deposit and then pay when the work was complete. Mr. Scott refused to reason with me and screamed at my mother and me repeatedly.

Mr. Scott told his driver to pack up the rest of my belongings and take them to their lot. They stole my stuff!. My lifetime of irreplaceable memories (my dead daughters ashes for one), pictures, family heirlooms and my military uniforms. They refuse to return my stuff.

The Attorney Generals Office investigated my claim and suggested that we try to put aside our personal differences and come to a happy medium. I agreed and called Mr. Scott. We arranged to have my belongings delivered again and we would tender payment when the truck was unloaded. He sent the truck out and the three non-english speaking crew called him and asked Mr. Scott what to do. He adamately repeated that they would NOT deliver the truck contents unless they were paid first. I said no. They packed up their truck and left again. The next day I saw one of their trucks unloading in my neighborhood. I approached them to see if they were unloading my stuff. One of the drivers was wearing the hardhat that my son inherited from my finance when he died the previous year. At that point I knew that mine and my children belongings had already been picked through and taken. Our hearts have been broken... not for the stuff but our precious memories that took a lifetime to get. Now I have no uniforms, my daughters ashes are long gone and my dead finance's belongings are also gone. His tools, hardhat collection, gifts that he gave me over the years... all gone.

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