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DO NOT use this company! I have moved 12 times over the 30 years and I must admit this was the worst move experienece I have ever had. This is includes long distance moves. This was a local move - 12miles.

I will list some of the things that caused this:
1. The truck sent could not deliver all my furniture with one trip. I did complete a form on my initial contact with the company that this was a 3 bedroom home with items stored in the garage.
2. When they arrived and could not load everything with one load. I was told that this was the biggest truck they had.
3. This led to me paying overtime to have all of my items delivered. While I agreed to this I was not happy with all of the extra rediculous charges.
4. I was charged mileage due to the overtime and it was an outrageous amount? I told the driver it was so and he agreed. I did hear this while he talked with their front office.
5. NOT all items were delivered. I had to move several heavy boxes that were left upstairs. I told the movers I would take the lamps but they left bedposts, boxes (heavy), playpen, etc. Shouldn't their lead guy go through the house to make sure all items were loaded?
6. After the first delivery was complete they ask me if I wanted them to go back to pick up the remaining items. DUH...isn't that why I hired them? I am sorry they missed personal committments they had.
7. While the movers did a good job of trying to pack everthing for one trip there were moments that they were unprofessional. I believe cursing on the job is not necessary.
8.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Richmond, VAAlso, complaining about the company they work for is something I did not need to hear. Imagine my thoughts as I was hearing this. If what they say is true I can understand some of their complaints. Is it true that they do not get overtime pay? What do you do with the overtime cost I paid if I am forced to pay extra mileage on top of overtime.
9. At the end of the day I heard one from their office say to charge me extra $$ for a second trip to the house over the OT payment.
When I was provided a quote I thought what a great deal and was looking forward to a good expeience. That was a mistake. In the end it cost me twice what I was qouted and with lousy service. I could have hired a national mover to do the same for the same cost.
I was asked to complete a survey by the driver after the move was complete and I had to fill it out right then. Why wasn't I given time to write this? Asking to complete this form "now" is not a good way of getting an honest response. Why didn't someone from the office check to see if everything went okay? Perhaps you knew of some these issues and chose not to call.
Since I have to move items left behind myself I think the least they could do is refund an amount of what I paid to have ALL items moved. At the very least they could address my issues.
I sent a complaint to All My Sons and recieved NO response. I am left with sharing with others my experience.
Why couldn't I wait a few weeks to wirte this "survey"? I wanted to have a chance to focus on the "facts" of this move. At the very least I would expect partial repayment. I am disgusted!

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  • Ju
      Jul 14, 2009

    If you have moved, "12 times over the 30 years" then you know to SIGN A SPECIFIC CONTRACT! I have moved more than 10 times in 15 years, including international. NEVER had a problem because I insisted on an on-site appraisal and a signed contract.

    Those of you reading, do your homework, and don't be cheap.

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