All My Sons Moving Company / huge inconvenience

We were RIPPED off by All My Sons. One my first call to them, they were extremely helpful and nice and said they would arrive between noon and 3 and it would be $80/hr. They would also bring bubble wrap to wrap up my tv for safe transporting. Around 3:30pm I called to check on their status and they said they were running a little late - duh. and would arrive around 4pm. ... At 5pm I called again to check on their status (they NEVER called me to let me know they would be hours late). They said the driver was 10 minutes away. ... I called again at 6:15pm to find out the driver had gone down the wrong street and was just sitting at a dead end looking at a map. So, I gave the driver instructions. He never showed. I called again and gave him instructions again. They FINALLY showed, SEVERAL hours late. My roommates were moving out at the same time with a different company. All My Sons took twice as long to move 1/2 as much stuff to their truck. Same story with the unloading. In the end, our stuff was finally in our new place (walls very scratched) around 9:30pm. We were slapped with a $400 bill at $89/hr instead of the $80/hr I was quoted. (Roommates with twice the amount of stuff were moved in less than half the time and were charged $160.)

1. They did not bring the bubble wrap to wrap the TV.
2. We were charged a 'traveling fee' - they were 3 1/2 - 6 HOURS LATE!
3. We called customer service and the man we talked to was extremely rude to us. They took nothing off our bill, hardly apologized for the inconvenience and were surprised we wanted to cancel a move we had scheduled for 2 weeks later.

Moral of the story - this was the worst moving experience EVER. Worse than when I moved from one city to another.

When I called to talk to someone about it and cancel the next move we had scheduled I talked to three people and each was equally rude. *Note: the actual movers were very nice, the company was not.

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