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On the day of Wednesday (May 17 ) I made a purchase in the Aldo of Cherry Hill Mall (New Jersey). My purchase came up to $143.48 so I knew I had enough to apply a specific coupon. The coupon stated if I bought a $75 gift card & used it, I would receive $25 off of my next purchase. The manager of the store was very disregarding after I presented the coupon. First I was told the promotion was over. I showed her the fine print which stated that the promotion ended in June. Next she told me the store didnt have anymore "special" $25 gift cards there was nothing she could do.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Cherry Hill, NJShe also told me to make another full purchase next month so I can get the gift card on the following purchase after that one which would be irrelevant to this matter. The reason I specifically went to the Aldo store that day was to take part in the current promotion.
Not being accommodated for a promo that Aldo is advertising online was a big disappointment. Over the years Aldo has been one of the main shoe stores Ive purchased through, as well as recommended to others. I know this manager's bad service does not represent the company as a whole & would appreciate your assistance. Im attaching the promotion along with my receipt.
Thank You
Corye Payton


May 18, 2017

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