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We purchased a nissan micra from al futtaim automall in deira. While purchasing, we provided all details about how this purchase was for a relative who resides in fujeirah. We wanted to make this clear incase any insurance or service related hurdles might appear later. We had to visit the automall a few times until the car was delivered, the visit were of no use anyways. During these visits also, we were misguided on the timelines to deliver the car to us. We were also informed that the second key would be given to us after a week, infact would be sent to the actual owner of the car in fujeirah.
The rep asked us to call him to get the service centre number after 1 month of using the car. We waited until a month, started calling him. He would not answer our call, finally we called him from the landline, which he answered and gave us a tollfree number to call to get the address of the service centre. We said ok, we will try this too. When we called the toll free, we were informed there is no service centre for al futtaim in fujeirah and we ll have to get the car to sharjah or dubai. This is not feasible and does not make sense. When he inquired about the second key, we were told to wait. Then again misguided that the key is in the automall and we can collect it. As instructed we called before we visited again, but the rep did not answer. We then visited the automall anyway and found out that the key is not there.
We spoke to the customer care and we were informed around 3-4 days later that there is no second key at all. If we want a second key, we will need to bring the car to the automall and get it made.
We are still being told that al futtaim has no tie up with the service centres in fujeirah. So we are now stuck with 2 issues for which we have no received any positive response. Their service is really bad. I do not feel like believing anything they say. They seem have no interest in keeping up with customer service once the car has been purchased. We decided to buy it from al futtaim due to its reputation, but they have disappointed us. I would not recommend this place at all to anyone.

Jun 09, 2015
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  • Kh
      Mar 28, 2018

    Automall service staff is not at all professional. I had left the car for service 5 days back. I have been calling rhem endlessly to get my car back. No body responds.
    The car had issues with the breaks. I hd informed the sales agent on the same. He said u can go the the service cennter and they will fix it. Now rhey have been keeping the car for 5 days now. Saying tey hv to take approval fof the warantee to civer rhe cost of repairing the breaks.
    The car is done only 25k kms. I drove for 5k kms tey suspect i hv spoilt the breaks in 5k kms.

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  • Ah
      Jun 26, 2018

    I had similar experience with them, they told me about the second key was missing only after signing all the papers and paying the money, after that the sales person said it will take a few hours to get the second key done, however when I went to the service center they said I have to leave the car for three days, and it took a month to get the key from the company, I had to rent a car because they refused to provide courtesy car to me although it was their mistake, when i complained to the sales manager he defended his sales rep and refused to admit his mistake, and he was really rude to me.

    The car itself had many issues despite it was certified I had to replace the break pads and the four tiers after three month only, beside issues in the engine mount fixed twice now and they refuse to replace.

    I wouldn't recommend buying from Futtaim Automall.

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  • In
      Jan 03, 2019

    Even we are experiencing the same problem..gave the advance 3 weeks back saying the car is ready to deliver after minor modifications...then it took around 1 week to get approval for modification, 4-5 days for modifications and after that only we got to see the car...then it took another 4-5 days for we were supposes to get the car delivered...till morng the rep said its ready to deliver and we can go any time to by the end of the day he is saying they have noticed some leakage so need another 6 days for checking..within that time he will deliver...till the registration of the car they were very interested...they were saying once the reg is done next day we can drive away...dont know whats really happening in that showroom...and that rep never attend the calls also...anyways it was a bad bad decision by us...Pls dont go to them for cars...we already regret before getting the car...

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  • Ab
      Mar 20, 2019

    I bought a car in the month of July 2018 (Hyundai) and was informed that the car is under warranty. From the 1st week of buying the car, I am facing some or the other issue and issues are being resolved sometimes under warranty and once I had to pay to change the spark plug and throttle body cleaning. After paying for that the problem was not solved and some more issue was diagnosed and Engine mounting, gear mounting, shock absorbers were replaced. Today I got a call that the main issue which was informed to be solved after spark plug changes still exist and there would be an expense of more than 3000 AED which is not covered under warranty and they will do step by step, so first I need to give them an approval for 610 AED + taxes which I am not comfortable with . I bought a car from al Futtaim and since them one there is some issues going. I raised a complaint through customer service but till now no response from anywhere.

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  • Ar
      Sep 10, 2019

    I purchased the Car Infiniti QX60 2016 from Automall festival city branch in Jan 2019. Even from the start, my experience with their service was very bad. They delivered the car late from which they promised. They gave me the warranty of 20km or 1 year and they didn't let me an independent checkup before buying the car or even after I pay the token saying that everything is fine. We have checked the completely and it's maintained by our service center so we don't need to worry about anything. I was facing some issues so I went to Infiniti service center to do the independent checkup and came to know that there are many issues with my car and it gonna cost me Approx. AED 10, 000
    Below are the Problems:

    - Rear Brake pad (Can't be gone within 10k millage if have need replaced at the time of sale)
    - Engine Mounting
    - Leakage of Transmission oil
    - Suspension issue in front Stabilizer Link and Lower Arm (Also Axel Seal and Boot have gone because of it)
    - Intake Manifold Gasket leakage

    I went back to show this to Automall showroom. Our sales agent told me that you need to visit their service center and inform this and they will fix your issues as your car in under warranty. I visited their service center but their attitude was very bad and they were not willing to help at all. Saying that most of these issues are not covered under our warranty and also you need to pay additional money to us for your car inspection and checkup to see if these issues which (Infiniti service center point out in their report) are true of not. I was so bad, even I told the lady over there that you can see the leakage even if you just lift the car. I showed her the pictures sent to me by Infiniti service center along with the report but she wasn't willing to help. I would not recommend buying a pre-owned car from Automall.

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