Airtel Postpaid / fradulant billing after disconnection of postpaid connection

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I came to USA on Jan, 27 2011. I have disconnected my service before coming to USA. My airtel number is [protected]. I was continuously getting billed for my number eventhought i was not using it. I made a complaint with customer care and they said my number is temporarily disconnected and it will be disconnected permanently soon. However unil Sep.2011 i was getting the airtel bill. Regarding this i made several complaints and phone call to customer care. i have e-mail proof stating that my airtel connection is disconnected. Suddenly i got a letter from district majestrate stating that i need to make a payment for my airtel connection. i got very much annoyed after seeing this letter. I need a proper explaination from Airtel why i have received a complaint from Majestrate and get this issue resolved soon as possible.

I'm currently in USA and my contact number is [protected] and my e-mail address is [protected]

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