Airtel Broadbandgetting double amount bills after making down payment for 6 months

I've taken a ultra flash plus 1249 30gb (2mbps/512kbps) combo plan in airtel by making a down payment for 6 months before 3 months.
My life has become pathetic from that day
Without my knowledge the plan was changed from
Arp-ul - (5+1) ultra flash plus 1249 30gb (2mbps/512kbps) combo plan to
Airtel-ul-ultra turbo plus 1249 25gb (4mbps/512kbps) combo plan.
From that day i'm getting unnecessary bills every month and service termination.
Every time i'm calling the customer care and explaining the same for 5 hours after which they raise a ticket and connect me to the escalation manager.
Always they promise that this is a problem from their database and will address this issue.
But since 3 months every day i'm in pain because of internet being terminated for not paying bill.
Airtel is the worlds worst service provider. my humble request to all the existing customers is move out to some other good customer understanding network asap. if you are a new customer never even keep airtel as a option. just throw it in bin.
All the tickets mentioned below are closed and no resolution is given.

S. no. ref. no. type category creation date status action feed back
1 [protected] complaint sales and marketing 12/22/2014 resolved give feedback
2 [protected] complaint billing related 12/18/2014 closed give feedback
3 [protected] complaint billing related 10/29/2014 closed give feedback
4 [protected] complaint billing related 10/13/2014 closed give feedback

Dec 23, 2014

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