Airsoft Stationshady business practices

These people took my order, charged my credit card and then refused to ship until I provided them with a copy of my driver's license. No. I don't think so. In all the years I've shopped online, no retailer has ever requested this. There is a reason why retailers ask for the name on the card, the billing address and a security code. This is compared to the bank's records, and the bank approves the charge or flags it as fraudulent via the standard AVS system (Address Verification Service). These people have absolutely zero business asking for legal documentation of my identity. They claim my order was flagged as fraudulent by their "security team, " as if they have better cyber security that Capital One Bank. Now there is no reason for this to be flagged as fraudulent. The purchase amount was not a lot. The bank approved the purchase. End of story. Who do these people think they are? Sorry, but I am not going to give a digital copy of my ID to an online retailer with no clue as to what happens to it once it is out there in cyber space. BTW, they also said it would take at least three days to process a refund. That's funny. The charge went through immediately. Let me also add that this entire process went on for over a week. Nobody answers the phone number listed on their website. I tried numerous times over several days. I then sent yet another email asking them to provide a different phone number or to call me so that I could speak to an actual person. They refused to call me or provide a different number. It is apparent from their very unprofessional looking website that these people are suspect. I have seen other similar complaints online regarding personal identification. DO NOT GIVE AIRSOFT STATION YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE, STATE ISSUED IDENTIFICATION OR ANY OTHER PERSONAL DOCUMENTATION. STAY AWAY FROM THEM. THEY ARE SUPER SHADY.

Dec 05, 2018

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