Airsoft Station Complaints & Reviews

Airsoft Station / shady business practices

Dec 05, 2018

These people took my order, charged my credit card and then refused to ship until I provided them with a copy of my driver's license. No. I don't think so. In all the years I've shopped online, no retailer has ever requested this. There is a reason why retailers ask for the name on the...

Airsoft Station / Guns and Shipping Suck

Nov 07, 2011

I got a JG BAR 10 sniper rifle from those people and I got it a month after they said they shipped it and I shot it maybe for 3 days and the bolt stopped working. I tried to tell them that I just got it and that it stopped working after three days but they said that their warranty...

Airsoft Station / Do NOT buy from them

Nov 03, 2011

I purchased an airsoft rifle for my son's birthday. The rifle arrived in fine condition, and shot fine at first. My son got about 4 shooting sessions with it - less than 100 shots total - and now the bolt action makes a funny noise and the trigger does not fire the weapon. I contacted...

Airsoft Station / They don't back what they Sell

Oct 20, 2011

My son saved his money to buy a new AK47 gun. He had it a week and it broke. You have to send it back to the manufacture UK Arms in California. They have had his gun for over 3 weeks and we had heard nothing from them. I emailed Airsoft Station and they are terrible about getting back to...

Airsoft Station / Stay away

Oct 09, 2011

Very disappointed. My son saved and spent his own money on this gun after researching online for what seemed like hours. He couldn't wait to receive the gun. Well, it came, it was defective, and we paid to ship it back. We then found out they do not refund your money, only "fix" the...

Airsoft Station / Sucks

Sep 07, 2011

I brought a couple of airsoft add-on for my gun, and like the prices they had, but that all 3 out of the 4 item they had in stock, were not, they did not tell me they were out just that it "waiting to ship" and when i did get them to split the shipment they delivered it to the wrong...

Airsoft Station / Stay far away from Airsoft Station


We needed a gun for a birthday gift and we sent an email asking when is it coming and then they sent it that day now he has to wait for his only present! :(