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We needed a gun for a birthday gift and we sent an email asking when is it coming and then they sent it that day now he has to wait for his only present! :(

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  • Al
      Oct 04, 2010

    maybe you shouldn't have waited until the last minute to order. in my experience this has been a very reliable company

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  • Af
      Sep 23, 2012

    I just ordered a very expensive (400+dollars) sniper for my nephews birthday. I paid extra for 3 day shipping and paid for it all with a debit card. The amount of purchase was immediately deducted from my bank account. I am currently in Afghanistan, but I gave both my stateside cell and my brother (who is a LTC in the US ARMY) cell phone number to as it was going to him. 2 days later I checked the web site to see the status and it says "ON HOLD". They have very limited telephone hours (only 5 hours a day) and due to the time difference I had to stay up late and try and call. I could NEVER get thru, only get an answering maching that you cannot leave a message on. My brother tried from stateside also. I left them an email and 3 days later (the day BEFORE his birthday) they replied saying that they needed to speak with me to "VERIFY" that it was my card! What?? The funds had already been deducted! So, needless to nephew didn't get the ONLY present that he had requested and I am still TRYING to get thru to them. Meanwhile, My bank account will prove that I have paid for a product that has not been shipped yet!

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  • Sp
      Nov 16, 2012

    It's normal for merchants to verify an order with the credit card holder, especially for larger orders that request expedited shipping. The fact that your IP address was from Afghanistan would raise more red flags, making the merchant think that the order may have been placed with a stolen credit card. I wouldn't hold it against them that they want to make sure your order is legit before shipping.

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  • Li
      Feb 08, 2013

    I ordered some replacement magazines and some silicone oil from this store and it shipped pretty quickly. Unfortunately when the USPS envelope arrived it was empty and had a hole in it. The only thing in it was the receipt. On the package the post office had stamped " Received in Damaged Condition". The order was about $80. I have emailed them about this and so far have heard nothing. It has only been a day, but after reading this review site and others, I'm not feeling confident that I will get some results.

    What I do notice is that there are a couple defenders of Airsoft station here that are disagreeing with complaints, so I'm hoping maybe that's the case because they work at the store. If so my order number is: AS-48997 please respond to my emails!

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  • Jo
      May 24, 2019

    I ordered a 285mm 6.01 inner barrel on the Friday the 17th of May for 85$ I also paid for 3 day shipping 6.50$ Total price 91.50$ they took the money out of my account immediately. The next day Saturday the 18 I get two emails saying you order status has change. I couldn’t figure out what had changed. All of the amounts were the same as well as the info it’s now 9 days after I placed my order and still nothing. I tried all of the carriers web sites with the tracking number I received from Airsoft station and all of them say tracking number not valid this is UPS, FEDEX, USD, USPS I have called for three days in a row now many times no answer and no return call. I started sending emails two days ago. And all I get is this in return AIRSOFT, NICK thank you for your inquiry to Airsoft station a ticket will be made to address your concerns. And you will receive a call from one of our representatives. I will never buy from them again

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