Aircel Mobile Connection / wrong balance deduction

I, Viswanathan pillai, who is having aircel phone connection number [protected] left his balance amount from Rs .80 to Rs 0/- on 30 th January 2010 without calling/messaging or any other reasons. Then many time I tried to contact their mobile customer care, but I only heard some ready-made voice instructions from their customer care while pressing numbers after their instructions. but I couldn't got contacted with aircel customer care.

Being my account was blank, I online recharged Rs 125/- on 31 January 2010 along with recharged Rs 98/- Pocket internet, thereafter I made only approximate 8 rupees call for others from my phone, but when I see the balance account in the night of 01` February 2010, I found only Rs. 17/- are remaining as balnce in my account. As said earlier, I tried to contact customer care operator many time to get assistance dialing 121 and [protected], but I was put me in fix with a lot of voices record to follow instructions dialing numbers so as not to get in touch with customer care operator.After recharging Pocket internet on 31 January 2010 I continued browsing on net in the night of 31 January 2010, which stuck with my Pocket Internet Rs 98/- plan . After browsing net, no amount was deducted from my account which reveals my PI was re charged.

This aircel company by offering a lot of flexible schemes for subscribers deducting amount from their charged amount without any reasons and there are no ways to find out for what reasons they deducted amount because their customer care operator are sitting farthest as you could not get him due to mountains of voice instructions . However, It is my request to the receiver of my complaint that I want to get judicial approach and readdress to my grievances

Viswanathan Pillai

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