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poor customer care & dnd not activating

Hi sir

This is R.D.Saiba. I am using this sim from long time & my no is [protected]. It was a very good experience to use you service previously but not now. Because I faced lots of problems to activate one simple service & your customer care executives & your team leaders made this more pathetic.

On 15th of Nov I sent one sms (START DND TO 1909) to activate my DND service & after that I got the time that within 24th Dec my service will be activated on my mob. But after 24th Dec still I was receiving the telemarketing calls & sms. So I called to your customer care & Ms Soma das took one complain (no-[protected]) for me & gave me a time of 7 working days but after that also I was receiving the same. So again I called to the care Mr. Ashok Kumar also took one complain but he refuses to give me any complain no so I asked him to transfer my call to TL's desk & he transferred my call to his TL & told me that I will get my complain no from his TL. But his TL didn't receive my call. So I again called to you care on 12th Jan at 10.58pm and spoke with Mr. Sashnka shakher Some & he told me that he cant raise any complain because it already crossed all the deadlines & want to transfer my call to the TL's desk so I can get better assistance. So I asked him to tell me the name of that particular TL but again he refused me to give the name & he transferred the call but again the same problem happened & no one picked my call. I stayed on line for more then 20 min.

So I need the clarification why your CSA's & your TL's behaving like this with your customers. And nobody is listening to their calls.

I am requesting you people to implement one system where customers can send one feedback sms where they can say whether they are happy or not after they spoke with your executive.

So I requesting you to take a necessary step against this peoples & also please look into the matter why my DND service is not activating. For your reference I am sending you some no’s from where I am getting your telemarketing calls & msgs.

From Dv Rocket (no-52345) I am getting massages & from +[protected] I am getting calls for different services.

With regards

Mr.Rana Deep Saiba

Mob no-[protected]

  • Ra
    Rahul Mishra Jan 18, 2010

    My experience has been good, I found their customer care to be one of the best in the Industry, prompt and effective. But your issue is quite genuine. For this I would suggest you should have a face to face interaction with the officials, so visit the nearest Aircel store and also carry the previous complaint numbers with you. I wish you good luck.issue, your issue would be resolved in no time

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wrong balance deduction

Sir, I am priyank a aircel's u. p. subscriber having mobile no. [protected]. I want to say that aircel had deduct my a/c balance by activating dailer tone from their side on 11dec, 09 but between that period my cell was switched off. when put on my phone 24 dec. everthing was ok, but when rechared my phone on 26 dec there is dalier tone, but on 27th evening my balance was this regard I had launch a complaint, its no. was 1-[protected] on 27th itself and they told me your balance will be refunded within 7 days. but still it was not refunded, they are refuses to refund my balance by saying you have launch complaint with in 48hrs but put it on 24dec when everythig was fine. and this the third time that I am facing this problem.

  • Pr
    Priyank Gupta Jan 10, 2010

    they cheat with their customers

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  • Ra
    Rahul Mishra Jan 13, 2010

    There must me confusion, you should therefore visit the nearest Aircel store and discuss it with the concerned person there. Remember to carry the previous complaint number for reference. Good luck.

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this no.[protected]


This is to inform you that i have received several calls from
mobile.No.[protected]... he threatened me now he said
he is going to attack on me..
you are requested to kindly send me his name & address
so i can complaint on him..
kindly do the needfu & oblige the same.


I was used aircel pocket internet b4 3 days, they told me if I re-charged with 98 bugs I can use that service without paying any cost and specifically I asked for downloads, they said its free once I used it about just 8 hours I was charged 365 bugs and im totally dis appointed on this service...

without putting a 00/+, international call was made

I made a call to the number "[protected]". The call should have been invalidated since i forgot to put the std code, instead they cut Rs. 9.19/- from my balance (even though the call did not connect).

I called customer care.. they said call went to Africa server..
I asked how can it be international call.. no answer..
They arranged call-back thrice regarding this complaint.. but nobody has called back..

They are a corrupt company minting money through unscrupulous means.

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dnd registration

My name is Subhransu. I'm a customer of Aircel Mobile Prepaid Service. My number is [protected]...

aircel pocket internet

The Pocket internet service is the worst service I have ever seen, I recharged with 98, the unlimited service and only can use 10 minutes. I want my money back as i requested to solve this but you do not solve have cheated me.

  • Co
    Cooljack07 Aug 30, 2009

    Me too facing hell a lot of problems with Pocket Internet...Always facing connectivity problems, if at all connected, it's damn slow...Only beneficiery, I think, is Dhoni... would have grabbed many crores for that nice advts...

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  • Ab
    abhisek mohapatra Sep 02, 2009

    i have not get my internet setting

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  • Ar
    Arjun_cc Jan 05, 2010

    Pls i request that if you had used Airtel live or Vodafone Gprs You will face Aircel's Pocket internet browsing problem on your mobile. So better buy New Nokia or Sony ericsson or Samsung handsets

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  • Vi
    VishalSingh Oct 14, 2013

    Airsel ka 199 ka recharg karaya kucch samay tak tthik chala aur phir serf side open hoti thi ek theme tak download nahi hoti 121 par phon karney par airsel ke costumarcare wale computar par aise mod par daal dete hai ki wo complane to door baat nahi karwata hai airsel costumarcare walo ke karan saare log apna conection airsel se kaat rahe hai sab chor hai aap recharg karte hi paise kaat lete hai aur complane nahi sunte inke nodel adhikaari sab sote rahte hai jeski wajah costumar airsel kaat dete hai aur company ghus rahi hai chor costumarcare wale serf kaam kare to airsel acchi sewa deti hai.vishal singh (Lucknow)

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gprs not working properly

Dear respected sir

I m abhishek from patna (bihar) in india. I am a aircel user. I have taken 99 gprs plan for one month.
But aircel gprs service is so bad. I cant tell how badly there gprs service works.

When I complained to aircel it allways giving fraud promises. They always say that ur service will be improve within 24 hours.. I m suffering from 20 days. But whenever I complain they allways sai that ur gprs service will improve within 24 hours..

Plz help me.. I m in trouble

  • Vi
    vinay topwal Aug 27, 2009

    gprs not working properly 09716928979

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  • De
    Deepak Pandey Aug 29, 2009

    Hi, This is Deepak Pandey, on 20th of august I've recharged your pocket internet VAS for Rs 98. But after opening MYAIRCEL.COM it demands for access point of Pocket Internet which I don't have so why can't explore furthur on yourhomepage. Anyhow I've gotten the setting of GPRS manually. Now what should I yield in order to get pocket internet setting. However it should be taken care from your end automatically, but unfornately its an Indian Service provider. Take care of comments and do needful.

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  • Ma
    Manoj Singh Fatuha Sep 26, 2009

    Hi, This is manoj singh, Fatuha, patna, I want use aircel internet on our laptop, Take care of comments and do needful.

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  • Wa
    Watingna Namchoom Mar 02, 2010

    Hi, am mr. Watingna frm arunachal pradesh here. I am fraustrated with d same problem here but with a slight twist. Eversince i recharged my gprs package of Rs.98 my gprs stopped working. just because I overused it beliving that it was free for 1 month as promised. I could not belive that Aircel would resort to such means for profit..But when i checked other phones I no longer doubted the selfish business policy of Aircel.My advice to u is plz dont use any of their internet packages untill u want your phone to stop browsing the internet..unbeliveable? Belive it..

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  • Ra
    Rahul Mishra Mar 05, 2010

    Strange I must say, since I have been using the unlimited Pocket internet for quite a few months. I am satisfied with the services. Did you try to check with the customer care why such problem has occurred.

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pathetic customer service!

Hi, I would like to share my pathetic experience with Aircel Pune last evening 23rd July’09. As per...

no customer care

I bought a new aircel connection yesterday afternoon.. and they have good inaugural offers here in mumbai.. But i have several doubts about few topups they have.. But i dont think they have any customer care in place rit now..

I must called atleast 10 times and must have waited from 2 mins to 10 mins on different occasions to talk to customer care. IT JUST KEEPS ME ON WAITING. I tried calling at 4 am also and still after spending 10 irritating minutes listening to their crap, i cudnt get through any of their executives. I wonder whether aircel have got so many customers that they just dont have enough executive or so less connections that they dont bother to keep any executive at all.

I am really disappointed with their customer care.(actually have got any chance to talk at all.) . And i believe after sales service is d most important part in any brand. and they lack on that the most.

So inspite of how many ever offers they give, i dont think i will suggest anyone to take aircel unless they give some serious thought to improve their support.

And i would like to know whether there is any1 from mumbai to have gotten though aircel's customer care.

Really Sad that a brand as big as aircel, doesnt understand the importance of customer service in such a competitive market.

I guess aircel should know that only launching is a product is not the only thing a company is supposed to do.

  • Ra
    Rahul Mishra Jul 21, 2009

    It’s unfortunate what you went through or rather should I say unlucky... because according to me Aircel actually has one of the most convenient ways of customer care.. they have online cc along with a phone based on… so that avoids any dead end situation…. So, try reaching out to CC through the contacts given on their website that is if you can’t drop by at one of their stores..

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  • Sa
    sachin kolpuke Jan 13, 2010

    I agree, Aircel doesn't have any customer service. I tried at least 20 to 25 times for 2 days, irritated by just listening to their crap, no executives at all...
    I bought a new prepaid Aircel connection, Due to document issue they just disabled my outgoing calls with out any message, any notification... shocking, such a bad customer service... After submitting the required doc once again still after 2 days I am waiting to get it enable...

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  • An
    AnubhavB Jan 18, 2010

    "This is strange I must say, since their customer care is very easily accessible, you have one more option just try to find the nearest company store and report this issue, your issue would be resolved in no time.

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prepaid to postpaid activation

I have paid an amount for converting from prepaid to postpaid aircel connection on 1st July '08. Till today they (Lakshmi Enterprises, Coimbatore - Agent for Aircel Limited) haven't activated for us. When I ask for the reason, from the beginning (after receiving the amount) they say, the prepaid number is in some others name, which my wife is using the same number for the past 3 years.

They not even have the courtesy to update me the status at least once in a week.

  • Pr
    priya Jul 09, 2008

    i lost my aircel postpaid sim card. may i know how can i lock my sim and where can i get duplicate sim in coimbatore ?... what is the procedure for this?...

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  • Mu
    murugan Jul 09, 2008

    i lost my aircel sim today.. can u plz block my sim?.. i bought it in erode..

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  • Gu
    guru Sep 17, 2008


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  • Vi
    Vinoth Oct 01, 2008

    I am vinoth My number 9841777882 please de activate itemized bill

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pathetic customer service with customer care officers providing misleading information

I had been battling for over four months with operatives from AirCel to transfer my number from the CUG of a different company to the CUG of the company I am currently working with. Despite innumerable deals with an operative (who seems to have quit his services with the company), and the other operatives, and the patient Customer Care personnel, no concrete steps were taken towards transfer of my number.

From the very beginning, I have been making my intentions clear. The case was open before them. The CUG is under the name of another person, and I was just a part of it. I just want transfer my number from the CUG of a different company to the CUG of the company I am currently working with. I couldn't have made the case any clearer.

For four months, I have been patient. I had submitted numerous documents and mails from my official ID (as they requested), but still you they did not not take any action. It was highly irritating and frustrating for me. The reason I stuck with them was that I did not want to keep changing my number. But customer service offered by Aircel is highly poor.

Finally, I had to terminate this connection and get a different connection of a different service provider.

  • Ja
    jayagobi Jul 13, 2009

    k usha karaikal,
    here after dnt send any music tone and useless nonsense SMS to me .dnt waste my time . my no 9788843406
    thank you

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I have taken an aircel connection in india after submitting the passport for proof of address, as i travel around the world, i have given my phone to my parents. Now aircel has disconnected the phone. The prepaid connection has 5 year validity. There is no proper response from the company when i try to get the details form them.

  • As
    Ashok May 04, 2008

    I am Ashok from gandhipuram, coimbatore. My Aircel Mobile Number is 9976595970. Please Disconnect my Aircel Activation service temporarly.

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  • Ku
    kumar Jun 18, 2008

    hai this is kumar my aircel no is 9710636221, i have a problem with u r service, outgoing is cut from my mobile i don't know what happen, even customer care no also not working from my mobile.
    please salve my problem immideatly.

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  • Su
    SunilVerma Jul 10, 2009

    I fully agree with you. I also faced the same problem. My AIRCEL phone was activated after I gave all necessary documents. After 4 days, it got disconnected and when I inquired the reason, they told me that their courier has lost the documents and head office has disconnected the no.
    But, they told me that it will be activated in 1 hour. I waited for another 2 days but nothing happenned.
    Now, I have already thrown the sim card and switched over to Vodafone, which is better in all ways than Aircel.

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  • An
    AnubhavB Jul 14, 2009

    Hmmm… its strange how I have never faced such a problem with Aircel, maybe it was genuinely not their fault and they can’t just activate your card without the necessary documents.. soo… anyhow. . each to its own. J
    Try to get in touch with customer care or nodal officers… Check this:
    Or just visit the aircel website and you would know which nodal officer to get in touch with depending on your circle.

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  • Sv
    SVerma Aug 03, 2009

    I have tried my best to contact the relevant persons. All have the same answer that they are sorry and the services will be activated soon. Now, over one month has passed and not a single courtesy call I have received from them explaining the reason of disconnection. They dont even bother to reply to the complaints sent on their email id.
    My experience with this company has been worse.
    Whenever I used to visit their office for lodging complaints, I always used to see many complainants with similar complaints.
    I cannot compare aircel with airtel or vodafone. These two companies are much much better than aircel in terms of customer service.

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  • An
    AnubhavB Aug 12, 2009

    Have you written in to the Nodal officer in your area yet, it worked for me in escalating my complaint faster. So.. I guess you could try tht.. just go to the aircel website and try and find the right e-mail address according to your circle.. send in n e-mail with the required information and im sure they will respond.. I had mine taken care of behind the computer… so it was the most convenient way …

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deactivate dialer tune

I called thousands of time aircel custemercare & 56500 to de-activate my dialer tune!!!. But no response...

poor customer care

Hi, I am prepaid customer of Aircel for past 15days; my sim got locked due to what i never new but when i...

not yet migrated postpaid connection to prepaid!

Actually, I've been using Postpaid connection... Recently I've filled a form to migrate my postpaid to prepaid connection..
As per the rule, I have to file the application before 5 days of bill date. So I did the same at one of the Aircel branch. (Spencer plaza).. They said, on 19th my no would be inactive and once I paid the bill. within 48 hours it would be active to prepaid connection.. This is what they have communicated..

Steps taken
1) Filled the application on 14th December.
2) on 19th by 8 P.M my no got inactive (as they said).
3) Paid the outstanding bill of 665/- rs on 22nd(Saturday morning around 10 A.M)
4) Was waiting for reply from their end.
5) On 23rd evening by 3p.m I called Aircel customer care([protected])... They said on 24th morning it would be active like that..
6) On 24th I called again. They said complaint/issue has been raised so your no would be active in next 12 hours...
7) Again I called on 24th Night... again they are saying that next 12 hours...
8) It's really hard to hear... They keep disgusting... I would have lost many important calls...

  • Sh
    shobana Aug 25, 2008

    special offers should be informed to the customers.

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not responding

Dear Sir, we made several call to customer care center from chennai they are not picking up the call a...

recharge problem!

I am having an aircel connection on chennai and given wrong number during recharge and shop owner is done the recharge for that. The wrong number is not in use. So i asked the shop owner to transfer the money to my account, but they refused back. Finally i spoked to the customer care, they also refused to accept my consideration. Please be careful while you are doing Recharge or Erecharge with the shop. Check one of more times the given number is correct or not. I was lost Rs. 50 by today. I advised to go Recharge only through Recharge card.

  • Mr
    M.RAJASEKAR May 27, 2008

    I am having an aircel connection on chennai and given wrong number during recharge and shop owner is done the recharge for that. The RECHARGE NO IS 9710392963 . Please cnfirm the account balance and checkit up the account balance. Please write your caustomer care care no of coimbatore aircel. My no is 9942099441. I was lost Rs. 100 by Yesterday night I advised to go Recharge only through Recharge card.

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  • Ka
    kate agbagidi Aug 13, 2008

    Please i can not see the pin of the recharge card i brought, what will i do

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  • Mu
    Mustakim Ali May 08, 2009

    I'm a new user of Aircel prepaid connection in Mumabai for about 2 weeks. When I tried to recharged with Rs. 30 recharge voucher, it was failed as I got response as "Sorry you cannot refill this prepaid account. Please Contact our customer care service." Soon I rang up to CC and lodged a complain telling them about the problem. As they responsed to me for waiting 24 hrs, I awaited and after passing away the same, I again rang up to CCE. As before they told me to be wait 72 hrs again. Still I kept patience and didn't make any calls and awaited for that given time. But its having problem after passing away the another 72 hrs. As my comment Aircel CCE's are misleading and cheating the valued customers. By the ending of this week I will consult with the grievance cell and if that's also cheat me I will go for further action.
    Mustakim Ali.

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  • Si
    siddupalanisamy Dec 24, 2010

    i recharge mt aircel mobile for Rs.33(message card) through net . but before my previous message card validity ends i recharge through net. so i lost Rs.33 from there any possible for refunding of any amount.

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  • To
    Tongam Khaling Apr 06, 2011

    i've lost my sim and wanted a new sim with my old number...

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  • Kh
    Khursheed Anwer Aug 16, 2016

    my air cell mobile no 9334233050 dt.15.08.2016 recharge 124/- time 8:46 pm
    massege successsful but my ac nil.plz see massg
    207:Txn No. BHR16081520462800418 to Recharge MRP 124 is successful . TT= 0 INR, New Balance 0 INR, P.F 107.83 INR, Service.Tax 16.17 INR.
    next same time 8:59 @ 110/- recharge .this time recharge sucessful. see this massege
    Txn No. BHR16081520592500330 to Recharge MRP 110 is successful . TT= 117 INR, New Balance 117 INR, P.F 0 INR, Service.Tax 14.35 INR.
    sir kindly my mater emidetky shortout
    my contact no 9334233050.
    bihar castemer care is nt respond this mater !

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no gprs available

I called customer care (in April'06) to activate GPRS on my mobile, they got all my phone details (model, brand, etc) and sent me the settings in 15 minutes... but I took about a week to activate the service on my mobile... The GPRS Portal worked fine and so the MMS... then, immediately without any information, they removed the service completely... and till now I've been calling Cust. Care but they just say "Upgrade work going on", "Will be back in a month"... and till now nothing has happened...

Other networks are heading on to EDGE and 3G, aircel is the only network in whole world which has not even started GPRS...

  • Ga
    gajendra nath tanty Nov 28, 2007

    I already given a request for aircel GPRS BT THEY didnt send me setting.

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  • Pr
    preethi Dec 31, 2007

    Nothing to say any words becoz i like aircel bt.........?u knw wat d people complaining abt ur service....plz provide gprs connection in prepaid too...

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  • As
    ashik Apr 22, 2008

    how to activate free gprs in my mobile...

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  • Do
    doss Aug 13, 2008

    aicel customer number was calling only busy not attend mycall 100 of above times calling, no reponse, please activate my aircel no: 9965853462 gprs

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  • Fi
    fiona Aug 27, 2008

    wat da [email protected]@k!! s rong wit da GPRS connection, , wn't u provide us tat, , people r very dissapointed, , can't help it ot coz ...need it badly !!!

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  • Sa
    SARATH Oct 01, 2008

    I want aircel free gprs tricks or settings please send me...

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signal problem, useless network!

I am using Aircel useless network for the past one year I have registered around 25 complaints on Aircel. No...