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Hello, this is Uday from Chennai. I am not sure how much this complaint gonna help me. But i want to throw some light on the customer service of a leading cellular company (Aircel) in this so called developing country.

I am using a sim card for past 8 years from Aircel. I recently bought a new phone where i need to replace my old sim to Nano sim. I approached the customer care office in Tambaram, Chennai regarding my concern. They asked me to take a token and wait in the queue. I was waiting from 6.45pm to 8.45pm and there is no response. Everyone in the store is annoyed because of this. Few CSR's left the table and they went inside a room and chit-chatting which we could hear from outside. After losing me temper, i went to the person and informed about my situation that i was waiting for past 2 hours without any care. Later they called all the person who need the sim replacement, may be 10 - 15 people came and stood near him. He gave a form and asked to fill it. Everybody submitted the form and out of that 6-7 got approved and they were given a free sim after charging 102 Rupees. But there were still 10 people who were left without any attention. When i approached them again, they said that the sim is not in my name. I was telling them that i was using this for past 8 years and still they are not convinced. They said that the connection is in the name of Boopalan whom i have never heard about.

If i am trying to change the blocked sim, there is point in asking the details for a new sim. But i have the connection active with me for past 8 years and they are not ready to provide me a nano sim. Later i asked them about my solution on this. Then i came to know that they are trying to canvas and brainwash all these kinds of issues to migrate the connection to a Postpaid. He was asking me for 4-5 times to change it to the postpaid which i never accepted. I asked for alternate solution but he said that i don't have any other option that to go for a postpaid connection. I got pissed off literally at 9pm. This is really pathetic.

Later i came to know from my friend that i still can get a new sim by providing last 3 transactions and sim validity. But still i didn't get my new sim. My phone is still left unused. Since i had a quarrel in that store, they are not providing me any solution even after going again and again. Just because of their ego they want me to take a postpaid connection. They are in the intention that they cannot be done anything though i have an other plan here.

Jan 22, 2015
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      Jan 22, 2015

    Hi Udhaya Kumar,

    We are sorry for the experience you had. Please share your concern with your complaint number and contact details at [protected] to help you.

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  • On
      Jan 31, 2015

    Dear Udhaya

    As per our system records, your concern has been duly addressed. Hope the resolution offered meets

    your satisfaction levels too.

    We would like to thank you again for reaching us at Social Care.

    Kindly feel free to write to us at [protected] for any further assistance on this matter.

    We assure you a quick resolution and the best of services at all times.

    Thanks & Regards

    Customer Service Officer | Social Care Team

    Email us @[protected]

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