AirBNB / their service is just ridiculous!

San Francisco, CA, United States
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These people do not know how to rule a company! Their service is just ridiculous! This business is illegal and this site is a trap, both for owners and guests. This company does not care about their clients, and every time there is an issue they just disappear! They never respond and never communicate with customers. I used their service in the past, and I was on both sides, as an owner and as a guest! Both times I had bad experience. When I was a guest I got in a fight with the host, he was very aggressive. I asked company for help, but they just told how very sorry they are. Yes, and that was it. When I was an owner, they got me a horrible client. He was very rude and almost destroyed my apartment! Don't use their service, they will abandon you! They cannot be trusted!

Dec 17, 2015

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