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Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) Review updated:

AirAsia is the WORST company I've ever encountered in terms of fees. They have every fee imaginable, it's absolutely exhausting and disgusting to have to deal with them.
Now this terrible crash has occurred, the aircraft only had fuel for 3.5hours on a 3hour flight, something apparently rather unusual according to some news sources, and air traffic control refused the pilot's request to fly higher to get out of the storm. Very strange.
All this makes it scary to book with AirAsia in the first place. On top of all this, they are absolute crooks.
This website helps to circumvent some of their insistent, hidden attempts at charging you unnecessary fees and is quite helpful:, but it doesn't mention the latest scam - the "Advance Passenger Facilitation Charge".
WHAT IS THIS? It's explained NOWHERE on their website, NOWHERE in any google search, and there's NO WAY of getting rid of it it seems. It adds £5 (about $8) onto your flight, on top of the already high processing fee, passenger fee, taxes, luggage fee of £12.50 minimum, etc, etc, etc.
As for the processing fee, it varies wildly depending on what currency you pay with, and it seems they've done away with Paypal, which used to not incur fees. They've also applied the fee to debit card after it was just for credit cards.
It's absolute CORRUPTION and DAYLIGHT ROBBERY, no other airline has this many hidden, inexplicable, unnecessary thefts from customers, and the initial price they advertise the flights as are completely misleading to customers and this should be against the law.

Dec 29, 2014
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  • Le
      23rd of Mar, 2015

    I got no way to remove RM89 20kg luggage charges in Airasia website. Gave up.

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  • Ga
      15th of Jun, 2016

    At least they helped teenager with a lot of dreams like me and some of my friend to go all around the world. Every airline have good and bad side, you cant just judge like this.

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