AirAsiarefund of payment and poor customer service

This happened on the 8th May 2017 when I made payment for my booking. Payment succeeded but no booking number received. So I made another payment again. Payment succeeded but again no booking number received. I have made payments twice but no booking was done.

I have submitted e-form 3 times and went on live chat (each time waited for about an hour just to get connected) for more than 5 times. After a week, there is still no reply from Air Asia. In fact, I was told that they had closed my case without even clarify with me. I waited as being told but there is no feedback or reply for my request for refund or proceed with the booking. One of the conversation was abruptly terminated because of the 10 minutes time frame. This is so unacceptable and rude.

Case number are CAS-[protected]-VTBXLY, CAS-[protected]-H81MVJ and CAS-[protected]-2SPBMX. I was just told that Air Asia rejected the payment but no evidence was given to prove what they said. On the other hand, I have bank statement to show that my payment succeeded.

So I want to complain about the refund of payment (which up to this date, there is still no feedback from your side) and also poor customer service. Please advise what I can do.

May 17, 2017

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