AirAsia / poor service by flight attendant

Kuching,Sarawak Energy Berhad, Malaysia

I was on airasia flight AK 6468 today, 28 October 2017. On 'hot' seat my seat no 3D and it come with meal that been purchase. The flight has been delay and it ok as the ground staft has inform us. Once boarding the flight i was requested by an untie to change seat because she prefercto seatcon the aisle side.. Without hesitating i do so.
During the flight while the staft distributing meal i botice that their do not cek for boarding pass whether the passage did or not purchase the meal.. Their just simply provide the meal to the seat on the without any checking for confirmation. On my case it was given to the elderly untie without any check.
The main thing is all the flight attendant does not perform to expectation. On whatci seen their just rushing to finish the oncair selling and meal distribution ASAP and have a seat and chatting among them.

I hope this complaint a wake-up call for the flight attendant service. If i to be happen want to send my grandparent (if it their 1st time flying, does not know that them entitle a meal, because of not knowing a thing of any right for them) to somewhere using Airasia purchasing the meal but do not get it. It would not able to be refund and a loss to the customer. I just hope the flight attendant do more assist during the flight and be more efficient in their daily task and hoping this complaint to produce a better and enjoyable flight experince every time when chosing AIRASIA.

I raise this complaint also because of the poor flight crew on Ak 6468 to Sibu, Sarawak today. Name Markus Phillis as what he mention his surname.. Not sure if it the correct name or not. This particular flight attendant do not show a high level or professionalism on his work, without any regret just preparing the meal set and give to me barely with out any bag hold it. As well as the other stewardess that i inform 1st before she called the Mr markus to prepared it and give it to me.
For if the do apologize for the issue it would be ok.. But the way the crew facing this issue it just seem normal to them.
Really, really hope for improvement on this specific team crew.

Oct 28, 2017

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