Airasiadisappointed on how you treat senior citizens on flight

We had a terrible experience last week with airasia flight Z2 762 from cebu to manila 23:05. I accompanied my grandmother along the flight. I felt so mad on how they treat the senior citizens in this airline. First we were not accompanied by anyone from the airline in going to the plane (it was just ok), second is my grandma was not seated on the first row (that's where pwd and senior citizen are suppose to be seated even on other airlines even on buses). Their explaination was we were on a budget ticket coz the 1st row had much higher cost. The sad part was when I ask for a blanket coz my grandma felt really cold. They said they don't have complementary blanket, all their blankets are for sale (500+). I told the 2crews I was just going to buy it since she really needed it. It took them quite along time to give me the blanket, they prioritize counting of passengers first. When we landed in Manila I felt really angry coz they didn't care on how we are going to go down the plane even if everyone was gone already. On that moment on, I burst out of my anger over the staff on how they treat old people. It was my first time riding airasia and I regretted it alot, I had no choice that time coz it was an emergency flight to rush her in Manila. I avoided Cebu Pacific coz they are always late on flight time but they never treated customer with disrespect ever. Next time I'd rather take PAL coz f their great customer service. Another thing is that this guy beside us in the picture is using facebook on midflight, the male crew saw him but didn't bother to correct him instead. I will never ride your airline ever in my existence.


May 28, 2018

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