Air Indiaphysically and emotionally harassed by air india staff at ahmedabad airport

Firstly, the air India staff at the Ahmedabad International Airport are not only inexperienced but also do not give a damn about their customers. I was traveling to hing Kong via Delhi. My student visa for Hong Kong was already intact in my passport. However, it seems that the air India staff are higher than the immigration department so the lady concerned with my ticket denied that it was a valid visa. When I told her that it is valid and showed her the dates, she went to another staff to check it.
When the other person said that it is fine, she went on to find any other mistake that she could. First, she told me to pay for 5 kgs of extra luggage and when I was willing to pay that, she told me to take stuff out form my hand bag and shift it to my luggage. Now being a 18 year old girl, opening a 23 kgs luggage and transferring stuff not once but twice because i could not estimate 5 kgs accurately is a tiring task.
In the end, I paid for 8 kgs of extra luggage, even when I had only 6 kgs in my hand luggage, because I could not estimate 5 kgs well and was to tired to do the transferring process once again.
This was the worst airline experience I have ever had by far. It was harrassing and not required. Even other fellow passengers were helping me do the transfer of my luggage as they could see that she was taking out her anger on me. This is not the way a company should treat its customers and this is definitely the last time I am traveling Air India.

Jan 28, 2017

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