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Dear Air India,
To repeat again I am a frequent flyer with Air India. My FF no. [protected]. Earlier I sent three emails to you, but no response. If you are not the right person, please direct me and my emails to the right person to whom I can talk / write.

Further to my below email dated 8th and 11th June, 2016, I would like to update you the status:

In continuation of my below email (dt. 08/06/2016 6:50 pm GMT+05:30), (item 1) highlighted in RED font. I travelled by Air India 976 from Kuwait to Chennai on 09/06/2016. My seat no. was 11A. Bhutiya deliberately gave me 11A seat because it doesn’t have reclining facility.
Prior to the day oy of my travel, Ms. Suja from Kuwait City office informed me that there is circular by Air India to charge additional KD 7/- for the front row seat. To verify the information, prior to returning from Chennai to Kuwait, I visited AI/Chennai City Office and I came to know that there is no such circular to charge extra for the front row seat. In fact Chennai City office people gave me front seat (1A) at no extra cost. Please note that Ms. Suja from Kuwait City Office staff gave me the wrong and misleading information.

Further, my luggage was 37kg and AI Kuwait Airport counter staff charged me KD12/- extra towards excess baggage. While I was informed by Kuwait City office earlier, that as a FF, I am eligible for 40Kg luggage in Kuwait-Chennai sector. Despite my request at the counter neither Mr. Bhutiya, nor the check-in counter staffs were ready to listen me. I paid the excess baggage charges KD 12/- before collecting my boarding pass.

One more comedy at Chennai Airport: I returned from Chennai on 20/06/2016 by AI975. The boarding call came at 17.15 hours. When all the passengers fall in queue at the gate to board the aircraft, another announcement came to inform us that the flight will be delayed by 25 min, but in fact the flight was delayed by more than 60 minutes to accommodate the crew from other AI flight.

If this is the interest you are showing on fare paying passengers, how can you expect us to fly by Air India. I lost hope with Air India. Soon I may leave from FF program and discourage my friends and colleague Indians against flying by Air India. If this is the attitude of Air India, I am just thinking, why should I not publicize the incident/information to the broader world through Indian In Kuwait ( website, which is open to all and widely referred in Kuwait and all over the world. There by I can make aware of the other fare paying international passengers, to get better facilities in other airlines for the same fare. Do you have anything to say?

Ganeshan Swaminathan

From: Ganesan Swaminathan
Sent: Saturday, June 11, 2016 4:22 PM
To: [protected]
Subject: Re: Frustrated fare paying passenger travel experience on 9th June 2016,

Are you the right recipient of this email? If not who? Can you please forward this to the right person marking a copy TO ME . I don't mind to talk to them. My India mobile is [protected].
Waiting for some good thing to happen. Regards

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From: Ganesan Swaminathan
Date: 11/06/2016 6:45 pm (GMT+05:30)
To: [protected]
Subject: Re: Frustrated fare paying passenger travel experience on 9th June 2016,
Hello Air India
Further to my below email, i traveled in AI 976 from Kuwait to Chennai on 09th June seat was 11A. Despite my request with AI city office Kuwait and at the check in counter for front seat. your staffs never gave me in the front row. I was at the check-in counter 3 hours before. After the boarding was complete, I noticed the entire row was vacant except one seat. One senior air hostess lady response was also indifferent. Again and again Air India proves their poor response. I noticed none of them owning their job except the pilot Sri Reddy. The landing and the take off were good. I am closely monitoring your airline performance. How much time will take me to publish in Kuwait forum. True I am telling. The team needs motivation and commitment. Link their performance with productivity and their contribution and commitment on the job. Currently is very sad state of affairs. Currently I am in India and by next week I am returning to Kuwait. I will update you the status. It is high time to remove Bhuttiya and the like people.
Rest in my next email.
Ganeshan Swaminathan

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-------- Original message --------
From: Ganesan Swaminathan
Date: 08/06/2016 6:50 pm (GMT+05:30)
To: [protected]
Subject: Frustrated fare paying passenger,
Dear Air India,
Your AI website - Feedback section is not working. This happened when I opened AI website to report about the poor services I had from Air India Kuwait. When I decided to send my comments about the airport manager Mr. Bhuttiya and I entered the details in the online feedback form, it did not get through. The following message I got.

Once again AI proved hopeless. The following are summary of my bitter experiences with AI.
1. AI Kuwait Airport Manager Mr. Bhuttiya reply to fare paying passengers is very poor. No courteous approach. Why should you schedule such person at this retiring age. Get someone you and dynamic. Couple of years ago one Mr. Kannan AI/KWT Airport Manager from Mangalore was there. He was very polite, courteous and really serving AI passengers. It became a bygone era for such people. Generally Indians outside India are good, but in case of AI staffs, they are no different than any other Indian in India.
2. I am a frequent flyer (AI133166795) and when I asked for a front row seat in A320 aircraft (Kuwait to Chennai) AI/Kwt City were asking extra money. I don’t know why? They said that AI issued a circular to charge additional 7KD extra for front row seat (item 1) . Is the front row earmarked for AI staff and their families only? How many times the front row went light or un occupied. Make a statistical analysis. You will come to know that Most of the time the front seat were allocated to air India free pass holders or AI staffs on duty or their families.
3. Inside the aircraft, the blanket provided by AI seems never washed. Many time I got them stinking, stained, ladies hair, shoe imprints, etc. I have photographs.
4. The food quality is poor. Instead of Olives in the vegetable salad, you keep black grapes.
5. My brand new suitcase was damaged while traveling AI (Chennai –Kuwait). I know it is IAAI, but no effort from AI.
6. No need to elaborate about the cabin crew. It is one among the worst brand you ever willing to see.
7. Being a frequent flyer, AI never provides any additional facilities to me.
8. To register FF program, the website was so difficult, many times it crashed and I became fed-up.

Again and again Air India staffs in AI offices proves to be a useless, came to spoil the name of Indian. I really don’t know when are you going to improve. Each day you are making huge loss and sucking the money of all Indians.
I don’t know when will we become true international?
I know that AI will not reply, but still I felt it is my responsibility to highlight the problems.

God save Air India and India.

Frustrated fare paying passenger,
Ganeshan Swaminathan

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Jul 09, 2016

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