Air Indiacomplain - malpractice, emotional toture and financial loss

My terrible experience affair with Air India (Start alliance) continues!!!

After Air India became a Star alliance partner, for some weird reason based on my years of travelling with star alliance airlines, I assumed that Air India has turned around its operations to qualify the elite status and booked several individual and family travel in recent few months, much to my disappointment of reliving the past.
Starting from the most recent, i was trying to book a flight using points online on air India, payment page expired before I got the OTP, ticket was not booked but my miles were deducted. I called call center and talked for more than hour but of no help. they used rest of my miles and asked me to buy additional miles to book tickets which I did, however I was advised my family will physically have to go to local office to get the tickets and PNR was generated ( Z0GFV). This was Sunday so next morning my family went to the local office in Kanpur but they told us, cannot help and need to go to Lucknow to get the tickets which is about 2.30 hours away. since we had a flight in 10 hours, we rushed to Lucknow, upon reaching there we were told that PNR expired and they cannot book the tickets because Kanpur office never informed them, though we have tried calling them number of times. We asked to buy a paid ticket so that we can at least get to Delhi, but they said they have sold everything on the flight. Family had to take a train, I have written to them about the glitch on Sunday, called call centers and requested every individual we talked, but they have been arrogant and unresponsive.
Prior to this last month, I took 5 flights on air India between November 25th and Dec 4th, was stuck on a plane, boarded waiting to fly for two hours on Delhi airport because they did not have a staff and reached 2 hours late. On Kochi and lucknow airport they refused to acknowledge my Star Gold status via premier 1k United and PPS Singapore airlines, no priority seating, boarding or lounge access or priority baggage was provided as they said, the staff was not aware or ready for servicing star gold yet. On Mumbai and Delhi, even they do not provide any priority baggage or boarding. i wrote to start alliance and they said Air India will respond, which I do not expect. There is lot to this ongoing ordeal.

I am determine to be heard via social media to ensure my fellow passengers are aware and air India adequately responds to me and treat fellow passengers with respect in future. please help me to spread the message. i will post it on every possible social media forum. Thanks for your help.

Rohit Narang
Flying returns - [protected]
United Premier 1K - BN050817
Krisflyer PPS - [protected]

Dec 22, 2014

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