Air Berlin / flight cancellation

Frankfurt, Germany

The reservation code is: OBAIGB
E-ticket Numbers: [protected]

Greetings from Tripair, Following our communication with the carrier we are sorry to inform you that they offer no alternative flight combination for your re-protection. Additionally, due to the Air Berlin’s current financial state (insolvency), they grant no full refund on the grounds of schedule change.

I have accepted to take itinerary as it stands as I have no other option and had to purchase an additional ticket to make up for the flight from Berlin to LAX on September 28, 2017 that was cancelled. I have attached a screenshot of the ticket I purchased and would ask to be considered for a reimbursement and was told to file this compensation claim directly with the airline.

I'm sorry for your insolvency problems but they have equally affected my finances and travel plans as I now must also stay overnight in Iceland and arrive a day later than anticipated after having taken days off work to arrive a day earlier.

Air Berlin

Sep 21, 2017

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