Air Berlin2nd bag fee

Hello, I was flying on dec 6th on flight ab7211 from miami to berlin and then flight ab8242 from berlin to prague. My booking was with cheapoair (Booking confirmation#[protected]). I understand that the 1st bag allowance is 23 kg. I had 26 kg extra charged as a 2nd bag at $187.00, which to me is outrageous! I understand, other airlines charge 2nd bag fee, but usually around $90.00 or so, not $187.00 like your airline did. Also, when I am looking at my print-out receipt/label for my 2nd bag (#0 745 ab 412912) and it says 2/33kg, which I think is incorrect and therefore charging me for 2 bags of 33 kg each and. I would appreciate if you review the above. I have kept all my receipts and documents because I wanted to follow up in regards to this matter upon my return from my trip.

Jan 10, 2017

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