Air Asia / missed our flight due to poor management

Phillipines, Philippines

Karen melody - air asia flight departs 16:50 Flight from Cebu to Manila 1/6/17

Ticket says get to gate 20mins before- we was sitting at the gate.
16:40 i go to desk saying what was going on with flight as nothing has been called.
Karen melody refuses us entry at 16:40. I can still see the entrance to get on the plane is still attached.
Karen then informs me that our baggage has already been taken off the plane 10mins before the plane was even scheduled to departed.
(My friend and I, and a family of 6 all got refusal of our flight) I asked what to do as this has never happened to me. She was not helpful when seeing my worry and frustration she walked away from me. I then go to check out believing someone generally wanted to help me instead I am told a complete lie, and told see is calling security on two young girls who are now stranded in Cebu airport going to miss there international flight Home!
The lady said she was paging Francesca my friend at 16:10 not sure why they were worried as the plane was not boarding until 20mins before departure as quoted on ticket. What has happened is they have boarded early and not informed everyone which is why when I was at the gate 20mins before i could not see anyone boarding!
Now I have had to buy a new ticket when I have no money all done to the poor organisation of air asia and the lack of sympathy from there staff.

Air Asia

Jun 20, 2017

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