Air Asiafalse/misleading advertising

After seeing a heavily advertised campaign in october for direct flights melbourne to bali from 26/12/14, against my better judgement, I decided to book for myself & my 2 children departing melbourne 10.00am 26/12/14 - arriving dps 13.45pm 26/12/14 and returning departing denpasar 8.45am 3/1/15 - arriving melbourne 18.15pm 3/1/15. 1.30am on christmas morning I received a text advising my flight had been cancelled. Options included departing melbourne 17.00pm 26/12/14 - arrive dps 02.45am 27/12/14. This flight would be via kuala lumpar. Or I could request a refund or credit voucher! How could I possibly cancel this holiday after spending 2 months telling my children that we were going to bali for xmas/new year??? On new years day, I received an email advising that my return flight would also be going via kl. So, we depart dps at 8.45am 3/1/15 and arrive in melbourne at 12.15am 4/1/15.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Melbourne, AR
If it was made clear to me that air asia did not have approval to fly direct melbourne to bali, I would never ever have booked these flights. I am an extremely nervous flyer who is unable to sleep one wink on a plane. Therefore, I always book direct flights to dps and I always book daytime flights. I am a regular traveller to bali who always flies direct with another airline. This particular airline offer a 10% pricebeat on any comparable flight - I could've used this and booked with them. Instead, I trusted air asia to fly us the route they heavily advertised and the one I paid for.
During a phone call to this company, compensation for loss of accommodation already paid for or anything else was denied. I was told to contact my travel insurance company - why should I pay excess to make a claim and have my future travel insurance premium increased due to the false and misleading advertising campaign of this useless airline? Never ever again will I or my family and friends travel air asia.
Anyone else affected by these flights, contact the airline. If no compensation is offered, refer the matter to consumer affairs and accc as I will be.

Jan 08, 2015

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