AHS / failure to comply to the request for home warranty cancellation

I sold my home and requested that my warranty policy with ahs be cancelled on june 13th, 2018... Their/ahs records does reflects based on my conversations with various reps that the request was made and is recorded... However, ahs is hounding me with past due payment notices for a statement date of july 26th 2018... It gets better... I have called into the [protected] number several times since going through long hold times only to be transferred to what is called the contract cancellation team and after 2 mins on hold I am dumped into a automated recording saying that I should leave my contact and policy info and someone will get back to me with in 24 hours... I am yet to receive a call from anyone from ahs... I have paid my bills each and every month through automation for all these years and it's strange that it would stop unless??? Let's see... I cancelled the agreement... Now they are sending me mailing saying I have a laps in policy... Can someone from this company give me a call so I can get off your active customer list!

Aug 02, 2018

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