Agora Business Publicationsusing fraudulent methods to imply charges

Got an email from Agora publications back in 2017 offering free h&s advice. After receiving that via email they sent a leaflet through the post-I never asked for that. Few monts later they sent an invoice for £87 for that leaflet claiming I have signed up for that as well. I never agreed that I will buy something from them. I was never made aware properly in a normal manner that I am buying something. I am wondering if Agora would sell Rolls Royce cars, would they hand them to the customer and then ask for payment few monts later?
Since April 2018 they demanded payment for the above mentioned amount and this week they instructed an debt collection agency to collect the so called "debt" from me. This is harassment and it needs to be looked at by the competent organisations. I reported thos to policefraud online and trading standards will be informed as well.

Nov 28, 2018

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