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Dear Sir,
I have made a booking by agoda .com my booking ID no is [protected] dated march 3rd 2o12.
We have paid $ 150.12 via credit card, booking was confirmed and receipt was send to me.
When I reached to hotel on 19th march it was shocked to see that your company has not made any booking.
I was trying your customer care many times but did not got any solution. I was compelled to stay with lower category room
by paying hefty amount $300.

Now you suggest me what to do, will you take up the matter with top management to resolve the issue. And please make sure
This kind of miss happening should not happen with any customer at night, really I suffered a lot.
jaipal singh

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  • Bo
      15th of Apr, 2010 - not good value

    I booked and paid to stay at the Java Paragon in Surabaya, Indonesia for three nights but had to change this to a two nights' stay. would not give me a refund.

    In addition I paid some USD70/- per night from April 11 to April 14. On checking into the Java Paragon, I discovered that they have a special price for Sunday nights (April 11) and Monday nights (April 12) at Rp 328, 000/- per night which is only sone USD36/- per night.

    I have been had by AGODA.COM

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  • Su
      15th of Apr, 2010

    Steal all their towels!! HA HA

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  • Hi
      15th of Jan, 2011 advertises the Bintang Warisan at a "special" "reduced" rate of USD53 from a supposed standard rate of USD124. When we extended our stay at the hotel for one night, choosing not to go through Agoda, it turns out that the standard rate for our room was less than the USD53 quoted by Agoda. What savings has Agoda given us? None. In fact, they deliberately misrepresented the kind of savings they were giving people.

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  • Zn
      29th of May, 2011 - agoda international travel site does not stand behind what's advertised
    United States

    I used to book a hotel in France for an upcoming trip. One of my criteria when booking my hotel was 'breakfast included'. Using Agoda I found my hotel of choice the 'France Eiffel'. On the site it clearly states 'Inclusive Breakfast'. Inclusive meaning: to include or tend to include. When I received my confirmation it showed 'Not including Breakfast'. I brought this error to Agoda's attention only to be told that their site did not say it included breakfast. I then scanned their advertisement and again requested that either breakfast be included in my stay or that Agoda credit back an amount equal to breakfast for two days since that is what I booked and paid for. After several communications I was told that they were not responsible for what is stated on the site and that I could cancel my registration and rebook the hotel at a lower rate since rates change daily!!! Agoda is affiliated with PRICELINE. It is a shame that a known name like PRICELINE does not stand behind their advertising. To some this may be a small issue and dollar wise it is BUT this is not the money it is the issue at hand and the fact that this company is dealing in bad faith regarding their customers.

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  • Ha
      11th of Sep, 2011 - they mislead you with 'cancellation charges'
    United States

    This site helps you book hotels. However, they mislead you with 'Cancellation Charges'. When booking is made, they show hotel cancellation policy which is 'Full Refund' if the booking is cancelled beyond certain number of days. However, they don't display their 'Processing Fees' for any cancellation in the text that displays cancellation policy. Thus, I got charged $15 for a hotel stay for one night of $25 although hotel did not charge any cancellation charges. Therefore, 'BE CAREFUL' while making any hotel booking thru

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  • Ji
      1st of Nov, 2011 - pathetic that they can't even get back within the promised time and that they can't handle cancellations properly
    United States

    I canceled my booking 1.5 months prior. Got a cancellation email, but still got charged the full amount. I noticed this in my bank statement. Contacted customer service, waited 36 hours (they promise to get back within 24) then sent a second customer service contact. Waited 72 hours, and then called my credit card company to dispute the charge. Pathetic that they can't even get back within the promised time and that they can't handle cancellations properly.

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  • Wi
      30th of Jan, 2012 - hardball company
    United Kingdom

    This company plays hardball of the worst sort with its customers.
    My one, only, and last dealing with them concerned a hotel booking in Hong Kong. The booking was for a single room only, which was in very small print. When I asked to pay for an upgrade, they informed me that the entire booking amount for three nights would be forfeit.
    The rep I spoke with was arrogant and constantly interrupted me. Only when I threatened to have my credit card company refuse payment did they back down and upgrade the room to a double with supplement payment.
    My experience in similar situations with Expedia, with whom I deal with a lot, has been far superior. They go out of their way to help revise bookings, even on nonrefundable rooms, without any hassle.
    I would strongly recommend that travelers think twice before using this booking service.

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  • Ai
      9th of Mar, 2012

    I'm not surprised they take so long to reply. is such a bad company they must be overwhelmed with complaints.

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  • Ab
      14th of Jun, 2012

    my question is what happen if i make a cancellation which i book a hotel at padang for the date 26 to 30th of this month

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  • Me
      9th of Oct, 2012 - important information hidden

    This is regarding my booking with Agoda at Sydney. On reaching the hotel we discovered that our room had no bathroom, there was a shared bathroom for an entire hotel floor for such an exorbitant price. A vital information like that should be displayed upfront and not put into any sub link which a customer may not even bother to open.Neither does the pics show anything of this sort. This place dint even qualify to be called a ''Hotel'', it was more like a backpacker. I walked out of this crap hotel. I am still awaiting a reply for my demand of a refund from Agoda. This was not only mentally and physically torturing but also a financial loss.

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  • Da
      25th of Dec, 2012 - go ahead and use them, just hope nothing goes wrong
    United States

    Booked three hotels in Thailand last July. Two had no problems. Booked a family room that was not available when we arrived. The hotel put us in a much smaller room that was advertised ad 1/4 the price I paid. Contacted Agoda and was told the would invesitgate. Many emails later, I get the same response. We need more time and will get back to you. I have the distinct feeling that they are stringing me along until I just give up. 5 months should have been enough time to investgate. Their loss. We travel to Thailand every year, but will not use them again. It's not a huge amount of money, but a decent business would have refunded it. Go ahead and use them, just hope nothing goes wrong.

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  • 10
      12th of Feb, 2013 - booking cancelleation

    I had booked 3 days package for my vaccations. The booking was confirmed by the agoda end. But one day before to my travel dates got a mail from them about booking cancellation. They were not generous to even call an inform and they were not at all customer friendly. This is the worst site I have ever seen. Will never use this site for any travel, and would suggest people not to use.worst site I have ever come across. . Big time cheaters and not at all customer friendly . . Initially my booking was confirmed and 12 hrs before my travel they cancelled the hotel booking and that too they informed via mail. they are so misers that they cant even give a call. At full day struggle we had to book a low cost hotel. I am going to sue agoda for the incompetence and mental harassment they caused, once I am back from my trip.ALthough however little network that I have, I will make sure I spread the word Regarding your "excellent services " through which you loot innocent customers.

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  • Ma
      12th of Mar, 2014 - booking not confirm with hotel
    Mahesh Gurav

    I did hotel booking through for srinagar (jammu
    And kashmir) for three nights booking id was 44161184. But even after
    One week din't intimate to hotel rotana where I booked room.
    And hotel person was saying, they din't received any intimation from
    Agoda about my booking" and they also added agoda has to pay rs. 8000 / - which is already in pending status.

    Agoda customer service number is international, so we can't communicate to customer care department with normal phone, for that we have to take isd services on our phone. Which is having rs.2017 / - deposit amount.. For activation

    We 10 days constantly communicated to hotel rotana about our booking..
    But they were saying they din't received any intimation from agoda..

    So after 15 days we cancelled our booking from agoda, at that time agoda deducted rs. 800 / - from our refund amount.. This is really ridiculous... So I really appeal to people do not use for any kind of booking... This is fraud company... And cheating to people...

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