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Tourists should avoid Agoda. Hotel booking websites are supposed to offer rates lower than the rate quoted by the hotel otherwise what is the point of booking through them. Well Agoda offers rates higher than that quoted by the hotel. The rate that you see in bold is not the end rate. It shows the tax rate at the bottom of the quoted rate but not in bold, leading the viewer to believe that the taxes are already included in the rate above and that the bold rate is the end price. That is not the case. In the end, the final rate comes up to more and when you are booking a 3 week vacation, this can amount to a substantial amount of money! I didn't realise this until I pressed the button but luckily, it was the first booking I made of alot more to come.

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  • Gr
      28th of Nov, 2011

    Agoda overcharged outrageously on our hotel in Hong Kong, the price was fully £16 extra per night over and above the real hotel rate and that's before any negotiating. Booking online is supposed to save you money, not line Agoda's pockets. Never again.

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  • Ki
      21st of Oct, 2012

    Avoid Agoda. The price shown on the web page is not the price you actually are charge. I booked a hotel for 3 nights. The price charged showed up to be 22 percent higher than the prices advertised. When I called them they explained that it was additional taxes and expenses, Why not just show the real price?

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  • Ki
      11th of Nov, 2012

    After posting my complain I received an email from Agoda customer service and a refund on the extra charge. I stayed at the hotel I had booked trough Agoda and was satisfied with the stay. Now I know that I have to watch the last page before conforming to actually know the price of the hotel, but I still have a problem understanding why they can't show the full price on first page. Final conclusion: I will probably use Agoda in the future, because they have booking options for cheap hotels in smaller cities.

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  • Bh
      28th of Nov, 2012

    Agoda may look cheaper than other hotel booking sites, but most booking sites show the full price including tax, while Agoda add extra tax at the end which often make Agoda booking more expensive than it's competitors! This is so misleading!

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