Agoda Companyincorrect information given

My booking ID is [protected],

As mention above, last week I had booked 1 room (Himawari Hotel & Apartment Phnom Penh, Cambodia) via Agoda website. Refer below picture no. 1 & 2.

However, when we arrive at the hotel, we given as below room (refer picture no. 3),
The management said that " I ALSO DON'T KNOW WHY AGODA ADVERTISE LIKE THIS ", this cost us 90 dollars for the extra bed. Below is the invoice (picture no. 4).

Agoda is a great website, and I'm using Agoda on all my trip where ever I go regardless of inside and outside the country. However, this case made me think that not all information you provided is trusted.

I hope Agoda will check with the hotels and confirm with them before advertise any of the service or room available before release it on the website. Because we (client) need to pay extra for the service that we believe we already pay because of Agoda incorrect information.

This is not a good practice for Agoda, you're ruining your own reputation by giving incorrect information, and your also troublesome us (client) on our vacation.

Recently there a rumor about hotel booking scams and I hope Agoda is not one of them.

I'm writing to encourage Agoda to improve your service as I don't want this experience to ruin my positive impressions about Agoda. I just hope that this problem will be solved.

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Agoda Company
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Nov 26, 2018

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