Agoda Company / do not rely on agoda’s price guarantee

United States

Agoda do not honour their price guarantee. They keep promising refunds back to your credit card and after months of waiting they offer to redeem points instead. Even the points to redeem were not enough to get a discount off a later $700 booking. I finished up changing over to to get the 'stay 10 nights - get one night free' bonus. Unforntunately I missed out on a lot of bonus nights with because I stuck with Agoda even though I was only going to get the same price as, but without the bonus. Stupid of me to support a company that doesn't want to support me. It is Agodas objective that any charge back claim will not proceed because you run out of days to fight it. Agoda is the same company as the more expensive Expedia, so I now avoid both.

Jan 9, 2017

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