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On 11 Okt 2018 I booked a hotel in Tokyo through Agoda website for 17-20 Okt. While doing the booking I was also doing other things in my office therefore it was obvious for me when i confirmed the booking payment in the monitor came out a notification that my booking was " time out/overtime", so I think OK it was not successful. Finally I decided to book a hotel through my customers because I think will need 2 other rooms for my other colleagues as well. I was shock to find out on 18th evening I saw an email from Agoda saying I did not show up at the hotel and they charge me full amount around USD 500. I also just find out that on 11th they sent me booking confirmation. How come in the monitor they mentioned "sorry my booking was time out" but they sent me confirmation. I tried to call Agoda but could not succeed and finally I email them. But after several emails they still do not want to understand and conclude my booking was normal there was no sign of overtime referring to their IT. But as a good will they gave me USD 150.00 voucher

Oct 24, 2018

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