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Issue of double billing was settled with Verizon in 2017. The phone number in question was transfered to another person in the family and both parties were billed by Verizon. Needless to say, that phone remained in service with Verizon for years afterward.

Now 5 years later we get this letter from AFNI attempting to collect on a bill that was paid, and the error acknowledged by Verizon. Apparently, this is a special form of consumer fraud that is AFNI's milieu.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Easton, PAI responded in written form and included the following:
Therefore, you are requested to :
• Provide me with the name, address, and phone number of the party or parties employed by Verizon who initiated this action. Full disclosure is required by federal regulation.
• In addition, you are requested to provide this in written form and refrain from any telephone communication prior to the receipt of such documentation.
Please be advised in advance that all calls from your agency will be recorded. We shall request the name of the employee and the supervisor on duty at the time so please be prepared to provide that information slowly and clearly. Failure to adhere to FCC rules will be reported and all appropriate legal action shall be pursued.
Needless to say, AFNI’s record of violation leading to class action suit in Illinois is of real interest to me and my attorneys.

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  • Wi
      Nov 09, 2007
    Afni Inc - This has got to be a scam!
    United States

    Yesterday 11/08/2017 I received a collection notice from Afni Inc in reference to a disconnect bill from Verizon in 1998 in Maryland. They informed me the phone was connected in March 1998 and was disconnected in November 1998. The address was just down the block from where I did live in Maryland, but I lived there only from Sept 1984 to June 1986. They told me "just pay the bill". When I asked them to send me any documentation they had stating it was really me he told me that I HAD THE BURDEN OF PROOF that this was not me. At that point I contacted Verizon and they have no record of me owing them anything, but if it was sold to Afni they would have ALL of my records. I again called Afni -- now the scary part -- when I asked them for the last 4 digit of my SS # they were right. When all of this phone connection and disconnecting took place in 1998 I had already been living in upstate NY for 6 years. I move to North Carolina in 2017 and am now just hearing about this bogus collection attempt.

    It appears that Identity Theft is here somewhere. I have contacted the Credit Bureaus and FCC to report this Identity Theft.
    After reading all of the complaints against Afni it makes me wonder if they are in any way involved.

    Any help you could offer to help resolve this problem would be greatly appreciated. I don't know what else to do.

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  • Ju
      Nov 11, 2007

    AFNI are con artists - identity thieves...

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