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Afni Collections / Crappy business

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My parents received a letter from AFNI (from Charter comm.) about a week ago. My father called me and gave me all the information from this letter. The weird thing about all this is that my parents have moved in to a new house since I left the house, and they do not receive any other mail for me. When I called Charter they said they didn’t have my account; which seems to be the classic sign that the account or file was sold to some trash collection agency.

I called AFNI and I tried to be nice about this whole thing since niceness usually gets you a bit further but with these guys it wasn’t true… right off the bat they started out rude and were not willing to answer any of my questions, they instead wanted me to give them the classic personal info which I refused to share. They said the debt was owed from an address that I had never heard of. I have a very common first and last name, so I asked them how they got my parents new address which they would not answer. It seems to be that I’m not the person they were looking for and instead of doing some research they just looked for all the people with my same name in Fort Worth TX and sent them all letters including me which is weird because I have never lived at my parents new house.

I will be filing a complaint and I plan on doing a search on the internet of my name and calling all the other people with my name which will take some time, but if my theory is true they could be in some deep doodoo.

Anyone owing money to these people do not pay them, once you pay them you open a can of worms. For example if they say you owe $1000 and they settle with you for lets say… $100 that’s you admitting that you owed $1000 and once they get their $100 they will try to get the other $900. If you’re not the person that owes money but they contact you please file a quick complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. This will take an hour of your time but it’s worth the time and can help take a crappy business out.


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  2nd of Mar, 2008
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I have recently dealed with Afni and had no problems. My bill was an actual bill and I settled for half of what I owed. They sent me a letter that stated I paid off the bill in full and would contact Charter. Charter confirmed that the acount was paid in full. I have not heard anything else from Afni.
  23rd of Apr, 2008
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You are a loser! Get a life... calling all the people with your same name? That is ridiculous.
  18th of May, 2008
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I just got the same letter from them and tried to call charter to figure out what was going on only to have them say that they have turned the matter over... they're talking about something from 5 years ago. When I asked what the address they had for me they had to go down a whole list of people to try to figure out who I was. Seems odd that charter would have continued to provide service to me if I owed them any money at all.

I sent back a standard letter to AFni saying I dispute the debt, now they send one back saying I should give them a copy of my DL or passport when and where I lived and receipts proving I don't owe the debt. What they missed was that that is what I was asking for, wast proof that I even owed the money...
  13th of Apr, 2009
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Every one should get it, they are a total fraud, under investigation in several states for fraud. The case is so large and so many victims that when they get arrested they will never get out of jail. Its in most of the states. They just make up these bills. They get your name from old phone books and old phone numbers. I investigated then last year, total fraud, Verizon has no record of them. I looked into dozens of claims from them they
said was from Verizon. Verizon never heard of them. I checked with Verizon on several of the past due bills and found non of them owned any money to Verizon.

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