Aes Student Loansloan is supposed to be deferred!

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Oddly enough, “aes” stands for american “education” services, and so you would “think” that their employees would at least be “educated” but I cannot understand why this simple issue has been going on for 6 months and yet, they just cannot understand simple english?
This is a college loan.
I am still in school.
It is supposed to be deferred until I graduate.
I am still in school, thus not yet graduated.
Per aes’s own rules, on the back of their own documents, that they keep sending to me every other week, threatening me with collection, they state that the school must supply enrollment status and information, not the student.
This information has been supplied to them by my advisor.
I have told them this - and even supplied her name and my school info to them (Which they obviously already had!), 5 times via email, and 4 times via postal mail.
They have called my home and harassed me and my family 47 times, calling at all hours of the day and night.
I have put a “do not call” request in writing twice to them.
I have told them not to call verbally.
I have even written to them, explained all of this clearly, and even included text boxes for them to put simple answers for any questions that they might have as to why on earth they might still find the need to call me - instead of calling my school/advisor to verify my information!
But, today, despite all of this, I received another threatening letter and a new bill!
There is something very wrong with these people. They do not understand english. Oh, wait, that is them on the phone again…. Make that 48 times!

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  • Ti
      Mar 20, 2012

    There is 1246.45 dollars that has vanished in cyber space or has been embezzled from a refund transaction from my student loan company (American Education Services). I accidentally made an over payment on my student loan account in February through my TD Bank bill pay service. I made an error by paying my mortgage payment (Arora Loan Services) in the amount of 1434.00 and some change to my student loan (American Education Services) - as you can see they both star with "A" and are right next to each other in the Bill pay service. I discovered the error a week after I had made it and contacted my bank (TD Bank) to see how I could get it fixed. My bank told me that I would have to get a refund issued from American Education Services (AES). So I called AES to request a refund. After getting the ring around and speaking to several reps - they finally told me I would have to request a letter from TD Bank stating an error was made and that a refund needed to be issued. I went back to the Bank and got the letter and faxed it over to AES. AES told me that it would take 5-7 business days to receive the refund. A week went bye and no refund was issued. I then called my bank to track the refund. The bank had no record of such refund. I called AES back and they state that the refund was issued electronically to "Citi Bank Home Access" where the original overpayment came from. AES states that Citi Bank Home Access is TD Banks 3rd party bill pay service. I went into the TD Bank branch to speak to a representative. The rep at TD Bank made several phone calls to try and track this refund in the amount of 1246.45 (which AES states they refunded to me back on 3/8/12). The rep was not getting any answers and was being told by TD Bank corporate office that they have no affiliation with Citi Bank Home Access and that is definately not their 3rd party bill pay company. The rep even got on the phone with the Manager (Keith) at AES and he kept telling my bank Rep that the refund was issued on 3/8/12 to Citi Bank Home Access and that we needed to contact them to find out where the payment is at. The rep from my bank told him several times that there was an error and that the refund was not issued to my account. If it was done electronically it would have hit my account instantly. The AES Manager then claims that it would take 3-7 weeks... WHAT??? The bank rep got very suspicious and started asking for phone numbers and mailing addresses to where the refund was issued and the AES Manager could not give him that info. AES refused to trace the transaction. TD Bank has put in a claim (#93317) to try and investigate it. I have since then filed a claim with the BBB on AES. I have also went online to find that I am not the only one having fraud issues with American Education Services. There are several recent stories online with a similar twist of money missing.. or not being applied to the persons account. There is some type of fraud going on here.. and to date my refund of $1246.45 is no where to be found.

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