AES Studentmisinformation and negligence

I was delinquent on my student loan from AES. I received an email stating if I did not catch up, they would report me to collections. I called them up and asked the minimum amount to pay to stay out of collections, and they said $180. Sure, no problem, I paid it. A week later I get another call and email that I am behind and about to go to collections. I called them back to make sure it wasn't just a delay in the system, and they stated that the total amount needed to be paid was $600~ not $180. I didn't have the money for that, so the guy recommended I file for verbal forbearance. I agreed, and did the entire phone authorization, answering questions and agreeing to begin repaying on a certain date. He said I'd be good to go but I still might get a call for a few days, and possibly another letter in the mail, until the system catches up. Roughly two weeks later I get a letter from a collection agency saying I owed them money for AES. I immediately call up AES and they tell me there is nothing in the system about a forbearance request. I told her the original date I called and made the $180, then how I had called up again and did the forbearance. She insisted I did not, so I told her, "you record conversations, look it up". She said she saw that I had called in the system, and transfered me to a supposed manager. The manager said that the guy took down the forbearance information but never actually COMPLETED it. She apologized and said that if I quickly (it was a Friday) went to the site and filled out the form in the account area, she would personally deal with it and make sure it was removed from collections. I filled it out and a week later, a call came in from collections stating I owed money and they were going to garnish my wages. The lady at the agency told me the lady never did anything and NEVER to do verbal forbearance because these companies pull this ### all the time. Yes, calls are recorded, but that it's their word, as a lender, verse mine. Needless to say, there needs to be a class action lawsuit against AES, as they willingly are negligent and [censored] over peoples credit to get their money back.

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