Aes American Education Servicescustomer serv is the worst and they have the worst policies

The Customer Service Dept. has got to have the rudest level of service that I have experienced in a long time. The reps are very condescending, almost like they went to school to be a customer service representative. I think they forget that if people do not take out the student loans, then you would not have a job. I can't say it's much better with direct supervisors. I'm done speaking with the people there, the next time I make a phone call it will be to James Preston. Lord forbid, you have defaulted on a payment, you are now the ### of the earth and they do not realize that lately a lot of people have been going through changes economically. The customer service shows no empathy, they have no options for you, and make you feel like the world is caving in on you and you have not choice but to sit there and let it happen. I have news for them, no matter how long it takes there will be some changes with that company. I hate to make a big stink, but I would never want another individual to feel the way I feel when I speak to anyone at that company. Especially, if you are trying to resolve your obligations and you are actually answering the phone when they are calling you. Some people have all the nerve. It's sad that a company would employ people with that type of attitude. If anyone, asks me about that company they will hear a mouthful and to run in the other direction because they are CROOKS!!

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