Aeropostaleoverpriced clothing

My grandmother bought my sister and I each a hoodie and cami for Christmas this year. My sister's hoodie didn't fit her so she was going to exchange the sizing of it. I simply have enough of these items that I didn't want anymore. So we went in with the receipt, the representive gave us a gift card with a grand total of $14.85 each, even with 70% sale going on you cant buy much .My sister couldn't afford to get something of the same quality hoodie that price instead she was forced to get a pair of $12 sweat pants on sale and a lip gloss. The original retail price was over $60 but because it was bought on sale amounted to $14.85. A decent hoodie on SALE is $20.00 so you have pay extra money. I would have rather had the cash then the gift card. With mine I bought a pair of $10 sweat bottoms and 2 lip glosses. that totaled my amount. I am sick of the outrageous prices and cheap quality clothes. You wont see this girl buying from them again.

Dec 29, 2014

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