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I live in Oregon and I was shopping in Washington during the Thanksgiving holiday and every single store I went to in the mall offered tax free shopping for Oregon Residence accept Aeropostale. The associates were rude about it to the point where I set down a $240 purchase and turned around and walked out of the store. I spoke with the District Manager (Brian)about my experience and his comments were that the paperwork that goes along with tax exemption is just too much work so the company as a whole has decided not to give tax exemption to Oregon residence. I believe in the State of Washington its a requirement. Regardless of the tax exemption status though I would have paid the extra $20 in tax if the service would have been acceptable. Young teen age girls and their rolling of the eyes and flipant attitudes is not something consumers should have to deal with.
I will not shop this company again.

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  • Ge
      Jan 16, 2010

    well this people cancelled my order because i placed the order while i was outside teh USA and they have a policy that they can not sale to people out side the USA...

    here is my letter to them:

    This is my order: Order Number: XXXXXXX Order Date: 12/27/09 at 6:10:16 PM (EST) it got cancelled because as i was travelled outside the USA, i placed an order for my wife as a present... well because my IP was outside the USA (i travel a lot within and out of the USA) you all cancelled my order, did not called me or email first to see if that was one of my orders. You just cancelled my order, i email and the reply was: Occasionally, orders or parts of an order are cancelled by our system for various reasons. Some reasons are:

    * Difficulty in processing your payment information. * Cannot ship to the address provided. * Duplicate order was placed. * The credit card that you used is an international credit card. * The computer that you are placing your order on is located in a country that we do not bill or ship to. If you feel that this cancellation has occurred in error, please contact our Customer Service at [protected].

    i did and after 20 minutes talking to some one that told that my order was cancelled and she did not know i spoke to a "supervisor" Michelle extension 73613... She was no help, told me that it was business policy to cancelled orders that where made outside the US even if the person lived in the US... when asked where that was stated she said no where, that it said that they do not sale to people outside the USA. This is not my case.

    Any ways... i will use all my contacts to make sure the press and people know about you all and your kindness and great customer service you have... Not! Thank you for cancelling my present to my wife! It was her best gift!


    so do not buy from these people and pass the word...

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  • Mi
      Jun 11, 2010

    It's customers like you that drive those of us in the retail buisness CRAZY. You came to a state that has sales tax, PAY IT! Otherwise shop in your own damn state. Do you think it would be fair for everyone to go down/up (for those in CA) to Oregon and buy everything there and not pay the tax??
    You are selfish!
    You don't seem to realize we have taxes here for a reason and if you're going to shop here, use our resources, take from our state, than you have to pay the price.

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  • Np
      May 04, 2011
    Aeropostale - gift card blank
    United States

    Received the card from auction of [protected] #121667. I gave it to a friend for a gift and she went to use it and they said the card was blank and kept the card for possible fraud. Great and do i have any grounds for action? My id is npr1967 and the phone number is [protected] and my e-mail address is [protected]> thanks!

    Naomi p rodenbeck

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  • Po
      May 04, 2011

    Unless you directly purchased the gift card from the retailer, they cannot help you. Follow up with your auctioneer, but gkenigmatic is probably correct.

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