Aeropostale / incorrect shipments, tired of sending back wrong items you ship me

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I ordered some jeans November 3rd (order number [protected]) and when I received my confirmation order the website had reversed my shipping and billing addresses. I quickly contacted Aeropostale to resolve this issue and while they initially said I would have to cancel the order eventually they said they would try to get the warehouse to fix the issue. On November 8th my shipment arrived but to my surprise it contained a bunch of XL men's boxers instead of the jeans I ordered. I contacted customer service who said they'd send me a return label and expedite the correct items, they also confirmed my shipping address. Since the original order was only sent in a bag I asked If the replacement order could arrive in a box for me to return the incorrect items. They said maybe it would but basically didn't know. Instead of waiting to see I went ahead and got return shipping supplies and took the items back to UPS. On November 14th my "expedited" shipment arrived at my billing address instead of my confirmed shipping address sent by UPS surepost which I believe is the slowest method of shipping. I opened it to find the correct jeans but they were damaged, someone had sewn a smaller pocket on the left side then ripped it out and left thread hanging in the holes. These weren't distressed jeans or anything so it looked pretty bad. I again contacted customer service who said I would need to return the order meaning I would need to locate another return box and packing tape as it was sent in a plastic bag from them. I'm getting tired of driving to UPS and buying shipping supplies to return incorrect and damaged items. The icing on the cake is that since I placed my original order I've been getting marketing e-mails from Aeropostale, I click on the unsubscribe link on each one and follow the directions but weeks later I'm still getting at least one e-mail a day. At this point i'm done with the company. They haven't even sent me a return label for this last order yet so I plan to share my experience in hopes of helping others avoid similar disappointment.

Nov 15, 2017

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